Newly diagnosed

Hey ive just been diagnosed with rrms and ive yet to start any treatment but im worried how many times ive relapsed within the last last 8months or so ive been badly bothered with speech the electric shocks in the neck weakness in the right hand and now optic neuritis are these amount of symptoms normal when youve just been diagnosed im a 22 year old man


When I was first diagnosed I had 5 relapses in 6 months. Diaganosis was a complete suprise to me, the only thing I’d had which may have been a sign was tingly feet on and off for about a year, which I didn’t even go to the my gp about. (7 years ago)

I’d felt rough for a couple of weeks over Christmas with various things but went back to work in January as normal, then all of a sudden my vision went funny. I went to my GP who told me to go to the hospital in the morning to get checked out. I was kept in for 2 weeks while they diagnosed me and gave me iv steroids. When they had asked me how I was feeling, it seemed that I was ticking off loads of things on the MS list, which was a suprise to me as I knew nothing about it.

Over the next 6 months I had another 4 relapses, each one with something new added (e.g. bladder probelms, double vision, pain, balance issues, memory issues, fatigue, tingling in various places, numbness etc). Due to all of this, I was put on DMD’s (Rebif 44) which seemed to get things under control.

As you know from here, everyone is different but you certainly aren’t alone having lots of relapses and symptoms in the begining. I hope you can get some treatment plan sorted out for you soon and things calm down quickly.


Thank you very much Sue, at least i know of somone else that had several relapses close together, cheers :slight_smile: