Pain Advise Urgent PLZ

Hi all i just need some advise as i have been having shooting pains in my head all day. I have tried to ring

the MS Nurses as GP doesnt want to prescribe anything due to starting Rebif soon as he is concerned

in case what ever he prescribes affects treatment. I take 10mg Amitripyline a night but urgently need

something else. Question being is if the GP prescribed Pregablin or Gabapentin would this affect the Rebif?

I doubt the Nurses will be in touch before tomorrow and i’m in agony every few minutes.

Thanks Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

I’m not on DMDs, but I’m quite sure thousands of people take them in conjunction with Pregabalin or Gabapentin. I would even go so far as to say I don’t believe ANY DMD is incompatible with ANY painkiller - although I couldn’t 100% swear to that. But I don’t understand what your doc’s objection really is.


Hi Sonia,

I have been using Rebif and taking Pregabalin for 5 years without complications.

The only thing that I can suggest is taking a combination of painkillers for now i.e. Paracetamol & Codeine, providing you are not asthmatic.

Julie. xx

Thanks for the reply’s, Doc has agreed to give me Gabapentin. What is the diffence between the 2?

Thanks again x