Gabapentin advice please..

Hello, again!

More advice needed please from you lovely people!

Just been prescribed gabapentin for the first time… Any advice on time of day / things to do , not to do etc etc. ???

Waiting for copaxone delivery at the moment as well so starting to feel like I’ll be full of all sorts shortly! lucky me!


Any advice appreciated as always,

Jo x :wink:

I take mine last thing at night. Night time is when I get most spasms. I don’t take through the day as trial and error it makes me too drowzy in the day time. But everyone is different. Just try and find what suits your and you should be fine.


Hiya Jo,

I started on the Gabapentin at the end of June, neuro prescribed 300mg am and pm.
Started of taking it at night initially for my system to get used to it, made me feel a bit zonky at first but after a week or so i was grand. I take it at the same time as my amitriptyline about 1-2 hrs before bed.

Then began to introduce the morning dose, made me a bit zoned out the first day so rang MS nurse who recommended that i get my GP to prescribe it as 100mg capsules so i could titrate up gradually to the 300mg dose neuro had advised. I am on the 300mg now am&pm and find it great for pain.

Like you i was changing my DMD around the same time, moved from Rebif to Avonex so good to get stabilised on one before introducing another if that is possible so you know how/what meds are affecting you.

Hope this helps
Roisin xo

I was on it for two months, started on a low dose (which made me feel really spaced on the first day but then as fine) and ramped it up twice (a little zoned out both times but not for long at all) I was taking it three times a day. Unfortunately it did nothing for me whatsoever so I’ve come off it now.

Hi, I stared on gabatentin about 4wks ago.100mg twice a day.Now take 200mg three times a day and I feel great,I did get a little drowsy at first but it did not last long,good luck.take care.helen.x :smiley:

I take 700mg three times a day and have no side effects. but every time i have upped it then i did feel a little sleepy but it went quickly

hope it works for you :slight_smile:

tracy x