Hi everyone, I was transferred from IB to EMA surport group contribution based on july 4th. Today i received a p45(ib) part 1 , 2 & 3 from HMRC, return address on evelope was DWP belfast. Is this normal and what if anything do i do with it? I’m a bit worried, has anyone else been sent one? Tim

Hi Tim, I think its just like a job… when you go on a new benefit you get a P45 showing your income for the past year and if you paid tax.

Not too sure… but if they didn’t ask you to contact them or fill in a form I assume you just keep it.

If you are really worried you could phone them… or if you are a member of ‘Benefits and Work’ you could go on their forum and ask. They have amazingly knowledgable forum users there.

Pat x

Hi Pat, i gave DWP a ring, the person answering the phone thought it was routine, think i’ll go to the bank later on this week to make sure i’m getting paid. Thanks Pat. Tim