Ozone as treatment for MS

This past May, more than 300 doctors met in Las Vegas at the 6th annual congress of The American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO). The meeting had 26 different presentations on the many ways that ozone therapy can help people get well again, especially when they can’t find the relief they need from purely conventional medicine. The AAO was formed seven years ago in response to the incredible amount of medical and scientific literature validating the many ways that ozone therapy can be used to heal all kinds of disorders and diseases that are often resistant to a purely conventional approach. As of this date, there are over 2,600 published articles in the peer reviewed literature on the use of ozone therapy, and the number grows every month. These articles touch upon virtually every specialty there is. You can access and search these articles on the “Library” page at the AAO web site, It is my opinion that no matter what their specialty is, doctors are practicing medicine with one hand tied behind their back if they don’t know about ozone therapy. Over the next several editions of my newsletter Second Opinion and in these alerts, I’m going to report on some of the more amazing presentations we had at this last AAO meeting. The first one I want to report on is Dr. Vincenzo Simonetti. Dr. Simonetti has published several papers on his remarkable discovery of an integrative approach to Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His approach is completely natural, although it also can be applied to patients who are currently on medications. About four years ago, Dr. Simonetti reported on a series of 50 patients that he had been treating with relapsing MS over a period of 10 years. In that time, the progression of the disease stopped in every single one. Not only that, but in more than 90% of them, the disease went into a complete and permanent remission! These results are so unbelievably good that I went to Dr. Simonetti’s clinic in Turin, Italy just to see for myself what was going on. Here’s what I discovered. Continued Below… The Hidden Reason Why Your Body Is Falling Apart It can cause everything from fatigue to memory problems to age spots — yet doctors rarely check for it. Here’s how to rebuild your body and get rid of your health problems. Learn More During my time there, I was able to talk with several patients whom Dr. Simonetti had been treating for more than a decade, as well as several who were relatively new to his therapies. All of them reported an almost immediate improvement in their condition. And the ones who had been seeing him for more than three months told me that they were feeling completely normal. And that’s not all. Dr. Simonetti works closely with a conventional neurologist. I had a chance to talk with him. He uses only conventional therapies. He told me that when his patients with MS either don’t want conventional therapy or can’t afford it, he refers them to Dr. Simonetti. And he told me that, for the most part, Dr. Simonetti’s results are better than he gets with one notable difference: Dr. Simonetti’s patients never complain of any side effects. So, armed with this information, here’s what I did. As soon as I got back in the U.S., I started using Dr. Simonetti’s protocol on three patients of mine who had MS. Within four months, all three were completely without any symptoms. It is now more than a year since I treated them, and they still remain in good health. So, this past May I invited Dr. Simonetti to spend four hours detailing his protocol to close to 300 doctors at the AAO congress. The doctor’s protocol is primarily based around a special form of ozone therapy that he does twice a week until the symptoms disappear. This usually takes about 6-12 weeks. In addition, he also uses a particular protocol of diet, nutrients, and heavy metal detoxification. Once the symptoms are gone he gradually reduces the treatments until the patient gets to the point that they are no longer needed. The treatments are natural, easy to do, completely without side effects, and inexpensive. Dear readers, there are 400,000 men and women in the U.S. suffering from MS. And worldwide there are over 2.5 million. When I think of all of these good people that could be dramatically helped, but who don’t have access to this treatment protocol, it breaks my heart. But now, at least there are 300 practitioners in the U.S. who know the protocol, and can administer it in their clinics. To find one of these doctors, go to the AAO website practitioner referral page. Then, call the doctor’s office just to make sure that they attended the last meeting and know of the Simonetti protocol for MS. And be sure to write me and tell me how you responded to the treatment. Yours for better health,

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I had a look on the Barts Blog to see what they think about this. And here it is: Multiple Sclerosis Research

It looks to me like this is dated 2014 because no proper research has been done since that time.

Personally I’d steer well clear. But then I tend to go for therapies that have been thoroughly tested and are licensed as effective treatments in the UK.


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I’ve used ozone in my veterinary practise for two years now. I’ve seen it do some great things and I’ve seen it fail. If my MS worsens I will inject myself. I’ve done it a dozen times without problem. Ozone is considered an immune modulator. Since MS is an autoimmune disorder, in theory ozone could dampen the fires. Ozone practitioners say most disease is the result of lowered oxygen levels. Ozone is pure oxygen. It can be given IV although some experts don’t recommend that. It can be mixed with blood and injected. It can be administered rectally. Rectal infusions are considered as good as IV treatments. And it’s something that a person can do themselves. Ozone generators can be bought for under $1000.


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Thank you Sue and I think this thread warrants reproducing the Barts Blog in full.

Ozone therapy is an alternative medicine. Proponents of the treatment claims it increases the amount of oxygen to the body. Various methods have been suggested on the method of introducing ozone into the body, the study below uses autohemotherapy. Blood is taken out of the body exposed to ozone and reintroduced into the body. The investigators claim that this therapy improves improves the brain metabolism of MSers. There are however serious concerns about ozone therapy and whether it is safe. When ozone is inhaled it reacts with the tissues in the lungs and triggers a cascade of pathological effects, possibly by oxidizing organic compounds. With autohemotherapy it probably oxidizes components of the blood and may produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) or free radicals, which can cause so called oxidative stress and damage. Serious complications have been reported from ozone therapy including damage to the liver and rare fatalities. Please note that the American Cancer Society has concluded there is not enough evidence to support the use of ozone treatment in any disease."

“I would like to see more published data on the effects of autohemotherapy in animal models of MS and mechanistic studies to show how it could work in MS. The bottom line is that this therapy is unproven and at present unsupported by a body of basic, or preclinical, science, and its potentially very dangerous. I would therefore strongly urge MSers not to undergo ozone autohemotherapy outside of well-designed clinical trials that have been peer-reviewed and vetted by an ethics committee. A red flag is if this therapy is being offered as a treatment for MS, or as part of a clinical trial, and the investigators ask you to pay for the treatment. No study subject should be asked to pay for a treatment as part of a clinical trial that is assessing the efficacy of the particular treatment.”

“Please note I am not dismissing this paper, or this therapy, all I am asking is for more basic research and for you to be sceptical of unsubstantiated claims that this therapy works in MS. I am also warning you that this treatment may cause potentially life-threatening complications” Multiple Sclerosis Research: Ozone autohemotherapy


Wow! 300 attendees and 26 papers.
Are you sure that it was in Vegas and not Disneyland?

The last conference in Las Vegas that I attended ran over several days, with 16 parallel sessions, each with 12 presentations each day.
Sounds like a mutual backslapping show to me.

Sorry, but I am used to real science conferences.