Overthinking things?

Hi everyone,

Does everyone find, that at the slightest possible neurological symptom, they instantly think it is definitely part of their illness/ condition?

I’m not normally a paranoid person, or at least I wasn’t until I started having neurological problems. I wrote on here the other day about my tight left foot, which has not fully gone away but is better than it was that day.

I was unable to take my Amitriptyline for 2 days due to shift patterns but I managed to do a 15 hour shift on an incredibly busy ward yesterday and physically, I was not in pain, but I had a twitching and restless left arm and hand, the pins and needles came back in the left side of my back with a vengeance. Plus the tightness in my left foot. I was generally uncomfortable. My new concern is that on many, many occasions yesterday, it took me a very long time to think of words for what I was trying to say. It was a particularly busy and stressful shift to be fair, but I found my self searching for words over and over again.

Am I overthinking things? Or is it a fair thing to think?

Nat x

I think it’s a perfectly normal thing to do and is pretty unavoidable. The difference is that, after a while, and with a diagnosis, most of us just shrug it off as normal (for us). When we’re really tired, all sorts of symptoms creep out of the woodwork that our bodies usually cope with. Some things are side effects of fatigue rather than actual symptoms (eg word finding often falls into this category), some are old symptoms and some are ones that generally bubble along under the surface and only show themselves when we’re tired/hot/ill. The good news is that when we rest and the fatigue improves, the symptoms usually go too. It’s important to take lots of breaks, rest before we get tired and to not overdo it. Fatigue is one of the leading causes of people with MS having to give up work so it’s worth minimising the chances of it taking hold and taking over. Karen x

Thanks Karen, it’s not easy at work. I started work at 7am and finished work at 10pm and only had one 30 minute break at 12.15. It was a particularly bad day.

I had a good 8 hour sleep that night and went back to work for a normal much less stressful 1-9pm shift. I still found myself struggling to find the words to say what i wanted or just using the wrong word altogether.

I’ve had a day off today and feel much more refreshed. I’ve had worse pins and needles in my back again today and every so often have struggled to find a word but not as much.

I really can’t help thinking ots probably another symptom. I spoke to my husband about it and he says it’s just due to tiredness. He could well be right but it is hard not to over think things.

I got the date through for my MRI but unfortunately it’s when im away on holiday so will have to rearrange! Just my luck!

Word finding problems are very common. They are definitely worse with fatigue, but can happen at any time. They don’t normally get really bad though; staying an annoyance rather than a debilitating symptom. Kx