overjoyed, my adopted brother has made contact...

i just wanted to share a happy, happy, happy story: 17 years before i was born, in the late 1940's, because of extreme pressure from her mother, my mother had to give my brother up for adoption, something that broke her heart. while our mother passed away in 2004, my sisters and i never lost hope that we would, some day make contact. it's actually happened! we're beyond thrilled, i can barely focus for long enough to string a sentence together, i have to keep reading back over what i'm typing. he always imagined that we might not want to hear from him, but nothing could be further from how we ALL feel. i now have not only a brother, but a sister-in-law, a niece, a nephew, 2 great-nieces, a great-nephew, a bloody great, gob-smacked, silly grin all over my face and the worst case of brain fog imaginable! all that keeps going through my mind is...'omg, omg, omg...' on and on and on. WOW! i'm awful with computers, have NO idea what i'm doing with facebook, but i keep going there in case there's another message from a new family member!

take care all,

wendy xx


Hi Wendy

What wonderful news I'm so happy for you.  I went through a silimar event many years ago when I was 16 and it was delightful and has continued be be a source of happiness in my life.

I'm sad to hear that your mother did not get to see him again because it would have gone some way to easing the pressure she felt in being pressurised to have him adopted.  I hope he had a good adoptive family. 

It is lovely, lovely news and I'm so happy for you all.

Love, Mary

How lovely for you all,make no wonder you cant stop smiling


jaki  xx




How fabulous! I’m filling up reading it! Thrilled for you, enjoy your meeting.
Gill xx

This brought tears to my eyes - what fantastic news! I am very happy for you. Enjoy your newly acquired family!


Brill, brill, brill news! I am delighted for you...when will you meet up?

What a fantastic early Christmas pressie!

luv POllx

Aww Wendy, that just brought a tear to my eye…how fabulous for you all xxx

 thanks so much for your replies, it's beyond belief. he's hoping to come and see us on bonfire week weekend, we can't wait, it's so exciting, we've seen some pictures and he just looks like what he is, one of us. i've known that i have a brother 'out there' since i was told at 16, so for me this is a 30+ year dream come true.


thanks again,

wendy xx