Think I over did things yesterday my brother is coming to visit for the first time (I was adopted and found them a few months ago we have met at birth mums) so I wanted everything nice but today I am very weak numb and shaky. Feel pants ad just want to lie down :frowning:

Aww bless you xxx I know how important this visit must be for you - I found out my Dad wasn’t my biological father when I was 40ish - meeting and getting to know my two half brothers was a huge thing!!!

If possible try & rest as much as you can before he arrives - if not - just let him know you aren’t well - I’m sure he’ll understand xxxxjexxxxxx

He does no that I’m not well that is why he is coming as I can’t get up there we get on brilliantly but not had him to myself before so will be able to chat loads can’t wait gonna rest all day so I am fit tomorrow fingers crossed. X

Good luck with the meet. It must be both exciting and anxious at the same time. Dont knock yourself out with housework, you`ll need that energy for talking! I know I would!

luv Polllx

Hi Rachyf, Don’t worry about the housework. Fellas don’t usually notice anyway. Concentrate on being as fit and well as you can be, so you have enough energy for your brother’s visit. Teresa xx

Think I did it more to keep busy cause was excited lol lesson learnt take it steady ,but at least it does look good and clean hehe xx

Good luck tomorow and forget about housework, just rest and make it a moment not to forget. Enjoy your day.



I really hope you enjoy your special time together


thank you just thought i would let you no it went great really perked me up but now feel like a zombie so bed it is but worth it lol x

I’m so glad it went so well for you!!! Two of my children are adopted, and I know how much it would mean to them to meet up with birth family (sadly it will never happen!) Hope you rest well and feel better soon.


Only happened for me because I lost my mum and dad or I wouldn’t have done it as they were enough for me but glad I did az I now ha e a sister and 3 brothers.

You are so lucky then - what a gift! Makes me feel weepy to think of it! I hope you’re feeling better ow??

Not doing to bad got my neuro appointment today .