Told my parents about other half

Hey all

as most of you probably know this week was quiet a heavy week for me what with my second opinion (which went well) and the second was telling my parents about my partner as I’m hindu and he’s jewish.

Well just to let you know it went better than we expected. So relieved. I think in some ways knowing that I have a health issue has made them mellow out and though there were some things I just couldn’t be forth coming about they did meet him and seem to have taken things fairly well.

So pleased



Well done - that was a huge thing to do Reemz. So glad it went better than you expected. Hope you now feel that you can tackle the next stage of your life feeling more at peace. I’m so pleased for you. Teresa xx

Hi Reemz,

Thats great news. Must be a massive relief.

I parted company with my husband not long before MS kicked in. I think that my health issues since have resulted in the situation not being as tricky as it could of been. People recognise we are suffering health wise; it gets them to put other issues into perspective.

Take care

Clare x

Hi Reemz,

Well done, it must be a huge relief for you. Love conquers all.



Wonderful news. As a parent I only wish my daughter to be happy and to be with someone who loves and respects her. it sounds like your parent feel the same.

Jacqui xx

So pleased everything went well with your parents


I am so pleased it went better then you expected

Sounds like you have had so much on your plate x

I’m really pleased for you on both fronts and its surely going to back life in general alot easier now you dont have to hide him as it were.

Parents as a whole care more about their kids being happy and well cared for than their choices and I guess if you have shown them how he has looked out for you during limbo then he must be ok in their book.

Onwards and upwards.


Great news! May all the goodness and positiveness continue!


So pleased that it went well for you x

Thank you all guys. Really really apprecaite all the support and comments. Thank you for the support - you’ve all been amazing. Still feels rather surreal for us btoh as neither of us had envisgaed it going as smoothly as it did.

You guys are right abut health putting things in perspective and how parents really do want you just to be happy. I do think they wouldn’t have taken things quiet so well if my health had have been ok so though I’d not wish to have whats happening to me at least something positive has come out of such a wretched situation.

Its a real relief and you’re right at least now we can concentrate on the important things; us, health and building a life together.

Thank you again. Even with the niggles and pain I’m walking on air today



What a wonderful place to be…I am very happy for you.


I’m so happy for you, it must seem like a terrific weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Be happy xx

Great news, really happy for you :slight_smile: Sam x

Thank you Pip, Gillian and Samantha. Yes I feel like pinching myself to make sure its real and yesterday did happen

YAY - well done you! I’m soooo pleased for you



That’s lovely news Reemz xxx I know how it’s been bothering you x one weight off your mind eh! xx

Thank you Jen & Deb - yes one less thing to deal with now. At least they know :slight_smile:



Nice one!

luv Pollx

Reemz - that IS great news! Am so happy for you both. It goes to show that, as we get older, our parents never stop surprising us… just as we don’t stop surprising them. Fantastic - hope you still walking on air!

TF x