Overbreathing causes 'ms' type symptoms.

Hi. I’d like to update you on my visit to the doc yesterday, as it may help someone else who may have the same symptoms as me. I saw the neuro end of Nov. My main symptoms have been tingling in feet and hands. Dizziness, feeling weak. Pains in legs. Tingling in face. The neuro ruled out anything neurological and said it was most likely my circulation. I waited for til now, as the surgery hadn’t had her report back. I’d felt dizzy and weak since boxing day and finally had enough so went to the doc yesterday. The doctor quickly established I didn’t have a circulation problem and he did some manoeuvres that ruled out BPPV. As I got off the couch, he remarked that my breathing was fast and very shallow, coming from my chest and not from my diaphragm. He mentioned that overbreathing or rather hyperventilation, causes the blood to become too alkaline due to lack of carbon dioxide. This leads to dizziness, tingling, fatigue and a host of other problems. I was gobsmacked. I do breathe much quicker than my husband and I’m forever trying to get my breath. The doctor said I’d developed this bad habit of overbreathing and shallow breathing. He said to breathe from the diaphragm (I’ve ordered a book about correct breathing) and try this for a month (plus some exercise) and go back if no improvement. I really do think he is on to something here. Since yesterday I’ve tried to slow my breathing down and I don’t feel dizzy today. I’ve been looking this condition up and wow, it’s more common than you think. It’s fascinating. I’ve got some other interesting things to share, but I’ll await your feedback and then expand a bit for anyone who is interested. (There’s a simple test you can do to test your breathing). What do you think guys?

Hello catk

Are you a type of person who easily gets anxious?

You may find it helpful to buy yourself some meditation cds…they will really help with the mindfulness of breathing.

Good luck

Hi Blossom, it’s true I’m a worrier but I think I handle stress very well. Over breathing can be a result of someone who is suffering anxiety or panic attacks but it can also become a bad habit over time, which you’re not aware of. Bad body posture, lack of exerise, diet, etc can all play their part. I’m looking forward to my book arriving. It teaches you correct breathing techniques. I like to relax to classical music, but I need to ensure that whilst I’m relaxing, my breathing is correct too. :slight_smile:

Hi. When I had a problem in 2013, I spent over half an hour being examined by my GP, who had been monitoring me for a few months. On this visit he identified that I had numbness/pins and needles over most of my body ( easily described as from my armpits down-both front and back. I screamed when he touched my stomach, and if I closed my eyes, I couldn’t tell the difference between 2p, 5p or 50p coins. He wrote a 2 page letter and sent me off to A & E, saying that it was the quickest way to get it sorted and investigations done.

I arrived there and couldn’t sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time. I went through the hospital system and somehow had to do a peak-flow test. I am asthmatic, so the reading that was recorded was lower than average but perfectly normal for me. Following that I had to have my blood gases tested. This was done by having me lean against the trolley, with nothing to support my hand. I remember wedging my right hand between me and the bed, as I was terrified that I was going to smack the junior doctor as it was so painful.I was also trying not to scream and groaned my way throughout this procedure.

She eventually came back to me and said that I was hyperventilating and that was causing my pins and needles in my fingers and toes. By now I’d had it for more than 24 hours throughout my body. She also told me that there were no beds there, so it was pointless staying there and that if the problem continued after the weekend that I should go back to the GP.

I ended up making a complaint a few weeks later. She obviously had not read the GP’s referral or my notes, and I have received an apology since then.

Hyperventilation can cause pins and needles in fingers and toes, but my GP did explain to me that it wouldn’t constantly happen, it wouldn’t be all over my body and that he would have known if I was hyperventilating as he was with me for over half an hour.

I hope this helps.

Good luck with it all cat. I’ve been on my spiritual journey for a long time now, so quite into meditation and correct breathing etc.

Next time you go out walking…even if to the shops. Take the time to look round, even up at the sky and take some deep breaths. Its all about slowing down and smelling the Roses or Coffee…whichever you prefer

All the best to you

Thanks for your reply Willothewisp. :slight_smile: Time will tell if my symptoms (which sound very tame compared to what you describe), are related to my chronic overbreathing. I should know in about 8 weeks, once I learn how to do the breathing exercises. What’s really caught my attention since researching this condition and hence why I’ve posted this condition to alert the good folk on here, is that some people who have had ms type symtoms (some for many years) and have had clear mris, negative lumbar punctures, clear reflex tests etc, were found to be over breathers and upon changing their breathing and thereby stablising the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in their blood, finally got better. By the way, over breathing is not noticeable to others who aren’t aware of it. You might look at me and not realise I’m doing it. My doctor, being savy about this, (which implies he is in the minority at spotting this), spotted my over breathing and incorrect breathing whilst checking me for BPPV- very serendipitous. Time will tell if this is the cause of my problems. I just thought it might help someone who’s exhausted all other avenues and is still suffering. Blossom- good advice. Once my book arrives, I’ll be learning how to breathe from my diagraphm. I breathe from my chest and way too often, so although I do relax during the day, I’m not utilising that relaxation time as best I could, due to my dodgy breathing. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. :slight_smile: