Overactive Bladder?

Hi all

Looking for advice and expertise on this condition. Whilst am waiting for 1st Neuro app there is a bit of me that is keen to wait and see re this first but the other bit of me thinks whether it is , or isn’t a symptom , it will need looked at( by urology) in any case. However keen not to make assumptions (not least as eye pain ruled out as optic nerve related by Optician today) and moreso as symptoms and variations are the order of the day it seems!

For last week (out of 5 of other symptoms) have had urinary frequency and nocturia. Last night was a bad one, up 3x and this morning at toilet again 4x from around 8.30 to 11.30 . From around lunchtime onwards its been ok, just normal 1x and over lunchtime i had some caffeine to see if it is the culprit given had some this morning and last night - but no discernible difference this side of the day. Have had this before re sensitivity but disappeared after couple days then

UTI dip has been negative, so sample away now. OTC gyn tests for ladies bought by me also - again no issues.

I appreciate no one on this forum will diagnose or confirm anything so looking for anything that resonates with others and what your options have been if OAB diagnosed/opinion on this? I dont think its intersistial cystits and as i say, no UTI either

I have no pain, just a feeling of pressure and need to go but no problems making it in time. I feel like if i press down on my lower abdomen i evoke the urge to go , but no leakage. I have been terrible first thing, but for past 6 hours whilst pressure is there and low leve/‘tubes’ feel sensitive and irritated when i go l i havent had frequency . However, am now dreading going to bed, trying not to overdrink too but need fluids obviously

Not sure if need call GP and have them start me on something, though am keen to get it checked out (had fibroid show in up a scan 5 years ago… no symptoms, so wondering re this).

Thoughts and advice would be truly welcome. I know if i wasnt under query for MS i would probably not hesitate to go to GP re this so not sure if barrier is in my own head as if so its ‘another’ pointer. Left brain knows (presuming its working) that it wont go away without being checked.

Anway, enough rambling, away to look up my herbal teas for later (bleugh…) when what i really want is a wee spirit in a glass…

Hi I have a supra pubic catheter in situ and it does make a massive difference on my life.

I`m not suggesting you should immediately ask for one of course.

I saw the Continence Service nurse in the beginning. You can self refer or asked your GP to refer you.

These bods investigate what could be going on and offer meds to help.

Then if nothing helps, they`ll refer you to Urology for tests.

What about the fibroids.? Has that been investigated recently? It could just be pressing on your bladder and need removing.


thanks Bouds,

Our health board continence service is for continence related issues - so if frequency the main thing, would be very far down in a queue

No the fibroid hasn’t been investigated, picked up inadvertantly on an MRI 5 years ago, and left because not symptomatic so i dont often call it to mind for much until brain racking this week. Wondering also if bowels have impact - am prone to left sided pain (query diverticular issues years ago but CleanPrep pre colonoscopy make me vomit so much i had to abandon ship…). But dont think there is anything impacted enough to irritate my bladder.

Just had some herbal tea and now fingers crossed as though it settled down during last night and most of today, until last 30 minutes or so that horrible pressure has restarted. Only trigger was I was out and couldnt get to a toilet so its like by holding it in even a wee bit (no pun intended…). has irritated the tubes.

Would it behave like this is MS related? Its the coming and going thats confusing me days apart/hours apart only - i know it will depend on what’s innervated by what and have had some other undercarriage pain today (also had before) so not sure of anything When it calms down i dont call GP but when it flares up i really should as is tormenting. Am on holiday this week and so far had nothing that even resembles a rest yet…

Hi again. I think you need a referral…gynae/urology.

But I would suggest having that fibroid checked out again.


My ms was diagnosed 3 years ago but my bladder has been a problem a bit longer than that. After my referral to continence nurse, she had scanned me and said that I have a neurogenic bladder. I take a tablet daily and I can honestly say it does help. Alongside me learning to manage when and how much to drink!
The quicker you get a referral the quicker you’ll be seen, even if there is a long wait! You’re as worthy as anyone else if you’re having a problem

good luck x

They want neuro to see me first though i did suggest it is irrelevant as though they might offer an explanation specialist tests lie elsewhere. Gp did think in absence of uti( cultures negative ) it would be more ‘central’. Her not considering fibroids does make me think she now leaning towards neuro. .

Thanks. So much going on just now. Todays current front runner is earache/toothache- afyer facial cheek and temple pain.3rd day in a row of it. Exhausted by it all.

Bless you, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I hope you can get things sorted and explained X

I live in hope…and fear at the same tine. I keep finding reasons for things…as really fearing what now seems inevitable. Tryihg and failing not to nump ahead. I already have a long term autoimmune and feeling cheated…