Out of the mouths of babes

Today I feel so terrible , my 7 year old daughter said … Mummy you really should go get a check out , your arm moves all the time , you have wobbly legs and walk funny sometimes , you say silly things and you want to sleep all the time … Maybe you need to go to hospital and get a operation !! … Bless her I thought I hid it well , I told her mummy is seeing a doctor and I’m ok ( lie) what do I say … Feeling sad for my girly x

Aww they pick up on more than you realise. My 3 year old tells me I need a nap and ‘helps’ me x

They don’t miss a thing. My 6 year old knows that I’m going to see someone to check if my brain is working ok, and copies my shaky hand. All 4 of my kids think it’s funny but all help out when they can x

Kids certainly say it how it is. Sometimes it can be embarrassing. I remember when my son was little (now 28) we were sitting on a bus opposite a bald headed man with a beard when my son pipes up at the top of his voice"mummy why is that man’s head on upside down?"

Hehe dinks that made me chuckle x

My kids came out with some gems. I was complaining about my legs not being long enough. My four year old looked me up and down and said "well your legs reach the floor and your bottom so what are you worried about?

My husband was out in the garden with our little boy when a neighbour started talking about the amount of snails in her garden. Our little boy said to her “you should do what Daddy does and throw them over the fence!” (OH never threw them over the fence just on top of our garage roof for the birds but try explaining that to the neighbour.

Our little girl aged 5 came out of school and announced she needed a “stress pill” I was so concerned that she even knew what stress was so I asked her what was the matter. She said she had a sore throat and I asked her whether she meant a Strepsil and she confirmed it was. So in our house strepsils are stress pills!

Aren’t kids great. I am sure everyone has some great stories to tell of their youngsters.