Scared and Laughed at.. HELP

(Sorry About Spellings)

I am a little lost for words in this and am struggling to find the words I want to say. I am currently not diagnosis or going for test, I am trying to get the doctor to take me seriously (I now many wouldnt wish this apon anyone and may wonder why I want to be diagnosised) . I went in last week and she laughed in my face and said “go on you tell me what it is you think you have or what the internet has told you” I have sent 11 years with symptoms which are always treated as seprate events and have always been put down to stress. 11 years of stress!!! are you kidding… of course I am stressed I can barely make it through each week sometimes.

I am now 25 with 2 small children. I feel like I am a hypocondracte and a little like I am going mad! and maybe I am.

I thought I could Vent/Get advice on here…

My symptoms… Migranes, Vision gets worse, one side of my face goes numb (has been linked to the migrene even when its over) “worms” in my eyes floating round, Muscle stiffness and weakness, Legs give way, cant feel or bend toes (all the time), Toes go a dead white colour (not blue), I fall over, get confussed, ask what day it is at least 100 times. I get confused with my words and forget what I am sayin half way through. I can walk pass what i am looking for up to 10 before I see them. drop my phone for no reason than my hand just lets go. Im tired all the time but i can fight through a day, i feel really low, i get a tingly feeling (which Im sure i am imagining) my muscles hurt to touch, i forget to swollow but its not difficult. I need the loo all the time often “leaking” (recently had pro laped repair and cyst removed so docs are blaming that dispite it beening 7 years of this and cyst wasnt there until 6 months ago and prolapes was after children) my sex drive has gone from high to almost no excistant again blamed on having children… I WANT TO WANT TO HAVE SEX!! I just dont. I get Highly emotional and very sensitive, I have bowel problems although never inventiaged its extremely painful at time and has been linked to IBS. I get dizzy lying down or standing up but only for a short time. I feel like 95 not 25…

Starting to think it is all in my head and I just dont know if I can fight my doctor on this!

Anyone got any advice or even a different avenue I could look down.

Thank you

Tbh, I would start with either getting a new GP or getting very tough with the existing one. It’s possible that you have a number of unrelated things wrong with you which are worsened by your anxiety, but under no circumstances should a GP laugh at a patient. Not only is it unprofessional, it’s cruel. If I were you, I would think seriously about complaining to the practice manager at the very least. Your existing GP could perhaps redeem herself by listening properly and considering whether or not your symptoms could even remotely have a single underlying cause, giving you a thorough MOT (blood pressure of both arms and sitting and standing, neuro exam, thorough battery of blood tests, etc) and, depending on the results, referring you to a suitable consultant for further investigation. If she refuses and the practice manager doesn’t support you, get yourself a new GP. Good luck! Karen x

I have high blood presure both arms again only linked to stress. been sent for blood test however previous blood test have come back with nothing. she didnt even let me finish my symptoms and say it was unluckly someone of 25 would be anything other than stress… I feel lost

I agree with Karen here. Complain and get yourself a new GP - there are a number of reasons why you may have these symptoms some that are treatable. It warrents investigating.

Good luck and don’t give up. It’s not normal for a 25 year old to have these symptoms and even if it is stress or anxiety - well what are they going to do to help you?



A long list of symptoms is considered to be a red flag for a lot of doctors - they take it as a warning that the patient has health anxiety and they can automatically dismiss the patient’s concerns as a result. It is often better to focus on the main symptoms, the ones that are most debilitating. Maybe 3 or 4? Then, it might be worthwhile working out if there is a pattern to your symptoms. Do some of them always come before or after a headache? Are some of them constant? Are some fleeting, lasting only very briefly? Etc. Working out patterns should allow you to separate out different groups of symptoms too. Migraine can cause a lot of neurological symptoms. These often come on before the headache and can last days after the headache has gone too. Migraines can even occur without any headache at all - so the only thing someone experiences is the neurological symptoms. Have you had your migraine properly investigated? Are you on preventative meds? If it’s no to either of these, then it might be a good place to start. Migraine specialists are neurologists. If you see one and they think that migraine would explain most of your symptoms, then great - they will be able to help get it under control. If you see one and they think it isn’t explained by migraine, they will be able to either refer you to another neuro or recommend alternative steps for your GP to pursue. Either way, you get a neuro opinion and move forward. One thing: if you had MS and were having frequent attacks over 10 years, I think you would be much worse than you are. So my guess is that it is not MS. I’m not a medic mind you, so could be wrong. One final tip: never tell a doctor what you think is wrong with you. Not only do they tend not to like self-diagnosing patients, it’s their job to work it out, not ours! Just say that you don’t know, you would just like an explanation for, and help with, x, y and z. (And stay away from google - if it was right every time, we’d all have some incredibly rare tropical disease or something!) Kx

PS I agree with Reemz (and meant to say it too) - if it is health anxiety, what are they doing to help???

We have had problems with my husbands gp too they never do anything that puts a dent in their budget.You have to be strict and firm with gp dont let them fob you off. xx julie

My husbands gp even tryed to say he didnt need the flu jab i argued with them as at the time he was on steriods to surpress his immune system due to another autoimmune problem.They told us to pay for it as he wasnt intitled to it what a load of rubbish, after telling them off and arguing with them now he should get it each year.Just shows need to be firm xx julie

My gyno said about MS, I didn’t tell my doctor I said “ur my doc and I need you help” I accepted anxiety for a long time even wen I was 11 but now it’s come to a point I’m so tired and my muscles to week some weeks I can’t walk, my symptoms flare and the migrenes where investigated and there was liaisons on my brain but at the time (I was 15) the decided not to look any further into it. My eye doc said to go to docs and ask for a Nero exam to. So I followers there advice and literally get laughed at :frowning:

Can your eye doc not directly send you for a neuro opinion and if not, can they not tell the GP they would advise a neuro opinion which could give your argument more weight.

It’s hard but try not to get over emotional or upset if you’re going to confront your GP (even take someone with you who can take over if it’s getting too much). Sometimes if they see you getting emotional upset they put it all down to stress and anxiety.

As Karen said don’t mention any suspicians you may have but rather the symptoms that you are stuggling with (max of 4). I’d be interested to know what they thought caused your lesions on MRI when 15 and where. Lesions aren’t caused for no reason though there can be a treatable cause and as I said before with the fact you’re still getting symptoms surely it warrents further investigations.

Good luck and in the mean time this forum is great for support and advise.