Other illnesses vs MS (inc. fibromyalgia and PCOS)

Hello all

Not diagnosed with MS, but suspecting. I am 21, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year. Had no idea about the illness, just knew hat I wa very unwell pretty much everyday.

Recently I have been progressively heading towards being unable to walk, think or speak on most days. noticed that I have numbness down one side, weakness, which stops me from being able to walk. I have severe head spinning and I have to keep closing my eyes. I have server fatigue to the point I can’t speak. When I think, my thoughts dont make sense, I can’t string them together.

Recently I experienced vaginal bleeding for 8 weeks, still on going, and I have PCOS. I had a check up and nothing sinister is going on according to scans as of today, but it doesn’t seem normal to me and all of this is happening at once. I have put on some weight due to my immobility. I struggle to eat and when I do, I tend to nibble on snacks and sometimes it’ll be comfort snacks such as a chocolate ice cream. I’m packing it in, I know. But it seems impossible when imy stomachs cannot take anything else and I constantly feel bloated and full. With PCOS I know that I’m easier to gain weight anyway, so it doesn’t help.

I guess I want to know if anybody has had similar experiences as me?