OT advice needed for Leeds

hi everybody need some advice about getting in touch with an OT .I don,t go to the ms clinic my nuero sees me at the LGI to save me the long travel from one side of Leeds to the other.however i could do with a few handy addaptions in my house in particular the bathroom.having trouble using the shower cubicle now just about fell out of it today.can,t afford a wet room but could really do with i wondered what help was available but i need advice as to what i might be entitled to.don,t have anyone really to ask as the last time my ms nurse contacted was 3years ago so i,m not sure where to go for help.any advice would be gratefuly received

take care everyone xxx

Hi Anon My GP reffered my to OT could you not go through your GP?


The community neurology service team are on 0113 3055082 and are basdd at st marys in armley.

They may be the 1st point of contact.

You can self refer.


You can self refer to Adult Social Care on 0113 222 4401

They will do an assessment and provide small aids but for something big like a wet room you will need a Community Care Grant. They will sort all that out.

You would do well to also self refer to the community neurology service at St Mary’s as Neil has suggested. I have had a lot of help from them. (They have a lot of experience with MS)


PS Where in Leeds are you?