Optic Neuritis...symptoms - please advise

Hallo - wonder if anyone can help. I woke up this morning after my longest sleep ever since my ‘likely to develop MS diagnosis’ 5 weeks ago. I slept from 10.45pm, awoke briefly at 6am to about 6.20am then slept again until 7.50am. After the usual morning routine and just whilst brushing my hair ready for work, I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my face (other than I still wasn’t Claudia Schiffer)… My left eye had gone very small - I’m other words the bit underneath my eyebrow and toward my eyelid was pretty puffy thus making my left eye about twice as small as my right one. I put it down to the monster long sleep I’d had - probably too much sleep as I normally function on about 6.5 hours (believe me I have tried for more especially at weekends but never seem able to) and also that it may have been warmer than usual as the heating may have kicked in overnight on timer. On my return just, my hubby also noticed it and I would say that it is only slightly worse than when I arose - just marginally. I also just remembered that during the night I had a tiny bit of an ache in that eyeball but nothing too much. Just wondering if these are the precursor symptoms to optic neuritis? I know I would have to see how things are after 24 hrs. The vision is not doubled in that eye but it is not as sharp as it normally is (which isn’t that sharp anyway as I have an astigmatism). I do have an opticians appointment this week (coincidence) with a new optician so I will ask them also. When I saw my first neuro he stated that the lesions in my head were not near the optic nerve as this was one of the things that I had been concerned about but of course, there is always the chance that new ones have occurred since. I also mentioned this to my GP this morning …but that’s another story for another post! Be grateful if anyone could advise. Xx

Hi I’ve had optic neuritis all be it 12 years ago and I can’t remember any puffiness or the eye looking smaller! I just had blurred vision which lasted 18wks. I am currentlt suffering problems again in the same eye but not as severe (thank goodness) my optician hasn’t found anything but wanted it investigating further, so I’m booked in with the opthamologist on the 7th Nov. Hope you get sorted with this - not one of the nicest of MS Symptoms Sue x

Hi Rosey,

I’m sorry to say I think it might be an MS-related problem, just not optic neuritis.

It sounds like it could be a type of palsy. Is it definitely puffiness, or do you think that side of your face might have “drooped”, so that your eye appears smaller? Could be a problem with the nerves to the facial muscles.

I think you definitely need to report it as a possible MS incident, as it could influence diagnosis. However, MS, or possible MS, doesn’t make us immune to other things, unfortunately, so it could be a coincidence, and nothing neurological at all.


Hi Sue, Thanks for your reply. Funnily enough, my eye has started to throb a little and the vision is every so slightly more blurry then when I first posted but I’m also aware that it could be me being too over cautious May I also you a couple more questions - did you ever lose vision completely? And when you did have blurred vision for 18 weeks (so sorry) were you able to wear corrective glasses for that period? Just asking as I know that somewhere over the rainbow it hits a high percentage of MS’ers and as I’m seeing the optician this week I can be more prepared. I’m sorry to hear you sorry suffering again but glad that you say it doesn’t seem to be as bad. Xx

Hi Tina, Thanks for your reply. I’ve just checked the mirror and checked with hubby, I’ve definitely not drooped and it is definitely puffy between the eyelid and eyebrow. However, around 15 years ago, it had drooped for about a month - so, as I believe I have had episodes in the past). You could be right on both counts - that it may be an MS related thing - will keep an eye (pardon the pun) on it to see of it passes the 24hr marker & then report it (just who to I don’t know as the GP is not much use at the moment) but also, as you state, it could be a coincidence at not neuro related at all. Great! The guessing and waiting game that appears to be the joys of MS! Xx

Rosey, It was just totally blurred for 18 weeks I did have IV Steroids solumedrol which probably helped - if I hadn’t had them could have prob lasted longer who knows - this disease is just so un-predictable. This was 12 years ago, but like I said having probs with the same eye again just not as severe. Around the eye socket feels numb and slightly tingly but I have a deffinate problem with trying to differentiate colours - if you know what I mean? Hope your optician is as good as mine is Sue xx

Hi, I just thought I’d share my experience of optic problems as I lost my vision in my left eye in 2005. what started as what appeared a scratch on my lense became a very wavy & fuzzy when i looked at things eventually finishing as a cloud. this was treated with steroids but fatigue still effects my vision. then in 2007 my vision went fuzzy again in my right eye and as my neurologist had decidedn after3 attacks to discharge me i then needed a referal. fortunately I had learnt about an acid alkaline diet and my vision returned before my appointment no treatment was needed. I have been attack free since 2007 and blieve I will remain that way thanks to limes

best wishes


Hi Rosie My experience with ON started with my sight feeling odd in one eye when I was on my computer. I put it down to eye strain to start with. Then over the next few days, the colour in my eye seemed washed out, I lost the colour red weirdly enough. After that, it went fuzzy and the centre of my vision went dark and I could only see around the outside of my eye. Very strange. I did not have any pain ( although pain is a symptom too). My eye did not look any different from the other to look at. Anyhoo, that was what took me to the eye hospital to get checked. They told me my optic nerve was swollen and I needed an MRI. After I had that done, I was diagnosed with MS and the rest, they say, is history :)) Hope whatever it is it gets better for you soon xx