Optic Neuritis Related to Migraines? (Advice)

I haven’t posted in the forums before now, so Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m about three weeks into my second ever optic neuritis episode. The first one was in my opposing eye years ago.

This time there’s much less pain associated with the vision loss, even on moving my eyes. It was there but nowhere near the level of the first. The pain stopped after about a week and a half but now in the past 5 days I’ve had 3 migraines, or migraine-like headaches.

I do suffer from migraines but only once every few months. It’s not a common occurrence.

I’m wondering if this might be related to my current ON episode; the headaches are happening on the same side as my affected eye. Has anyone else ever had something similar happen?

See optic neuritis - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia eye pain behind the eye on the same side of the head does occure.

Good luck


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