Hi,been a while! Still no further forward on what’s going on with me! I still have all the usual pain, face burns, shooting pains everywhere, legs can’t handle incline at all now they get tight and burn and I feel like I’m walking like a snail! Wake up with really bad tremors that go away after an hour or so. I’m on nortripaline, gabapenton and propanalol. I received a txt telling me I have an appointment with an opthamologist however there is no referal letter on the system so I’m currently trying to get to the bottom of it. The thing with this is I’ve never mentioned my eyes to my Neuro however I get pain in the back of my right eye but only when I go outside… I can literally step in my front door and it’s gone, go back out and it’s so painful! It’s quite question really is has anyone else had this type of pain and is there anyone out there been sent to an opthamologist and been diagnosed because of that? Cheers people and happy New year! X