Hello! Unexpectedly found myself here. Advice welcome.


Firstly, I have just had a brief look through some of the threads on here and must say what a lovely, supportive forum. I am hoping someone on here might be able to put my mind at rest a little after a google search has inadvertently led me here.

I have had an Opthalmology appointment today following a GP referral earlier this year after I experienced two bouts of eye pain and mildly blurred vision in my right eye. First time round I assumed I just needed an eye test (having not had one for 20 years!) and visited the Optician who did a thorough examination (eye test, field of vision test and a photo of the back of my eye) and said whilst there was nothing to worry about I had a an area at the bottom/right side of the eye where the field of vision wasn’t very good. A letter was sent to my GP who did nothing until I went to see him three months later when the symptoms returned. He said he was sure it was ‘nothing sinister’, ran thyroid tests and referred me to Opthalmology. On both occasions my symptoms disappeared in about 10 days.

Had Opthalmology appt in January and was asked lots of questions (including did anyone in the family suffer any Neurological complaints - which they don’t) and concluded I had probably had sinusitis. I was sent a follow up appt and had tests preceeding this last week which again showed same prob with field of vision and slight delay with red/green dot recognition test in same eye.

Saw Opthalmologist today who said my eye health is excellent but wants to repeat field of vision test and get another photo/scan of back of eye.

I would probably have thought nothing more of any of this (I am a busy mum of two lovely little boys so haven’t really had time to worry!) and as both times symptoms came and went didn’t really give it much thought especially as it had been suggested the cause was sinusitis. However, in amongst this about a month ago I began to have excruciating face pain. I went to the dentist assuming I had a tooth problem but as I haven’t got a single filling he was sure the problem wasn’t tooth related. Two weeks of sudden shooting intermittent pain led my dentist to suggest Trigeminal Neuralgia for which I have been taking Carbemezapine.

Anyway (and sorry this is soooo long!) I have stupidly googled tonight and am now wondering if there is more to these symptoms than I first thought. I definitely have not had Optic Neuritis but has anyone had any experience of the sort of eye symptoms I have had without ON and does anyone here have TN? I haven’t been to my GP since the referral last year as haven’t had cause to - other than this I am in really good health. I’m 38.

Would so appreciate hearing from anyone. Thanks for reading!

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: Ah! The irresistible google strikes again :slight_smile: I’m not making fun of you - the Internet really is irresistible and a search of vision problems + trigeminal neuralgia must have returned pages and pages of MS stuff :frowning: There are two main reasons for this: both are symptoms found in MS and MS is actually quite a common neurological disorder which has loads of dedicated websites and forums so the google search software ranks it higher than lesser known causes. The truth is that there are loads of things that could be behind your symptoms (including relatively simple things like a vitamin deficiency) and MS is just one of these. I don’t much like the fact that your GP hasn’t joined the dots and referred you to a neuro, just in case, and that’s where I would start if I were you: my GP. A frank conversation about two bouts of unexplained vision problems and now TN, how you realise that google is unreliable and you are not remotely suggesting that you have MS, but that you think you should see a neurologist to make sure there is nothing serious going on. If the GP is dismissive, I think I would be more forceful about it if I were you and if you don’t get anywhere, a change of GP may be warranted. You do need to get this checked out properly. Good luck :slight_smile: Karen x

My only advice is DO NOT google anything. I started doing that and for a week or so I thought I was on the way out. It was awful, I diagnosed myself with almost everything under the sun. The horrid thing is symptoms of MS also cover a multitude of other illnesses, so I shall repeat. Do not google anything. The sit tight and speak to the right people, and frankly, by a bit pushy. I’ve found the GP’s and NHS with me was moving awfully slow. I made a some phone calls on consecutive days and low and behold, it got things moving.

Best of luck with your appointments.

The only known person who does not consult Dr Google is an anchorite who lives halfway up a tree in Wales and who has not uttered since the old king died. I exaggerate, but not by much. Anyway, we all do it, pretty much, and there isn’t an ‘unsee’ button. Once one has started to worry a bit, that worry is itself a good reason to gently prod your advisors towards finding what ails and, I hope, easing your mind.


Oh for an “unsee” button! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your responses and wise words. Really helpful to have just put all this down as I haven’t been brave enough to until now. It’s wierd the whole google thing… I resisted for ages but curiosity just got the better of me I suppose!

Does anyone have any experience of eye pain/blurred vision/field of vision symptoms which wasn’t/isn’t optic neuritis?

Thanks again for the advice - much appreciated.

Sally x

Hi Sally One of my first relapses involved blurred/double vision and the feeling that my eyes were always on catch up. It wasn’t ON. It lasted about a month first time then a few weeks second time around. I wasn’t under a neuro then so had only seen an optician. Prism lenses helped a lot but they were only a temporary fix, so get quite expensive! I’m back to normal now. I did get pain, but I think it was down to my eyes trying to focus too hard! X


Does anyone have any experience of eye pain/blurred vision/field of vision symptoms which wasn’t/isn’t optic neuritis?

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I remember my neurologist long ago saying, ‘MS finds the optic nerve particularly tasty,’ - hence optic neuritis being a common thing with MS, but it can cause other problems with vision too. I have had double vision and visual field problems in the past, and they were nothing to do with optic neuritis. It goes without saying, of course, that not all vision problems are anything to do with MS.