Just been reading about opc3 and q10. Haven’t read enough yet but wondered if anyone had tried either of these. Thanks

I’ve tried Q10. Not so sure about opc3. I think it was some Boots “healthy brain & nerve” thing, that had several ingredients - one of which was Q10. Might have had opc3 bundled in with it.

Absolutely no difference here, I’m afraid. It’s one of those things I didn’t really expect a dramatic difference, but you take it, in the hope it might be helping, in the background. However, it gets very expensive (as well as tiresome) to keep popping all these supplements all the time, “just in case”, with no noticeable benefit.

I still do that with Vitamin D, as there is evidence it’s beneficial in MS - though I can’t say I ever felt better for taking it (but who knows how much worse I’d be if I didn’t?). I take B complex multivitamins, as well - another “just in case”, as supposedly good for repairing myelin, and a lot of MSers are short of B12, in particular.

I’ve tried lots of supplements, but have yet to take one that made me FEEL any better. I don’t just take random things, but those with at least some scientific backing. But personally, I think it’s unrealistic to expect dramatic improvement from any supplement. Even if they are helping, it’s likely to be in subtle ways that aren’t really measurable. You’re not going to leap out of bed one morning, shouting: “Yay! It’s as if I didn’t have MS!”


Bioavailability is most important with nutrient supplementation. After that- making sure it’s in therapeutic doses. I tried alternatives for 3 years without any relief. But the side effects from the meds left me left functional. In 2001 my RRMS had me reduced to 6 hrs functioning a day and intermittent weakness preventing me from carrying my baby safely. I was introduced to OPC-3 by ISOTONIX. My spouse is research biologist for NIH and brought back research on OPCs and told me it can’t hurt and you won’t know if it can help if you don’t try. OPC are dosed according to body weight and symptoms. For me therapeutic doses were 6 servings a day. After 6 months we noticed my fatigue reduced and my pins and needles & weakness had ceased. When I ran out- due to delay in delivery- my symptoms started returning. Re-started and in 3 days they went away. I learned to add coQ10 and ORAC and was able to reduce my needed dose of OPC to 3 a day. My neuro predicted my functionality would stay where it was (which qualified me for disability) for 10 years before progressing. 13 yrs later I am going back to work full-time. My neuro told me not to change what I’m doing. ISOTONIX brand nutriceuticals are 95%+ absorbed and in blood stream In 15 min. Only IV nutrients are more absorbed. My B’s used to be low, and my D’s, I was chronically anemic. All that has resolved since switching from tablets at GNC to ISOTONIX brand. For more info: (no www)