Oops don't think I'll be going to heaven!

Let’s set the scene out for the day with mum aged 73. Went to Beaulieu motor museum tour round Palace house very interesting and right up our street with the history. Sit down for 10 minutes for mum to recover then on to the Abbey. Mum needed to sit down again so I went around reading out the information. Turned to go back to her and over I went. First time for me this but not from mum. Been on a number of holidays with her and she has been over more times than I care to remember. So now I know what it feels like I won’t be laughing at her again. Anyway the language that came out of my mouth I don’t think I would be climbing the stairs to the Pearly Gates not that I could manage then anyway! This morning very sore,bruised and swollen knees. That will teach me to laugh at others misfortune!!!

Ah poor you. Hope the pain isnt too long lasting. Maybe you and mum could hire a tandem wheelie!