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So, I am pretty dire in this heat… but went for another MRI (full spine) on Monday and the air conditioning in there was heaven! It was in a mobile unit (metal box) so I was more aware of the air conditioning than I have been in a regular one. Because it was pretty cold they offered me a blanket! (I turned it down!).

So now to wait for appointment at the end of next week at Queens Square, where I should also get those results (being sent through).

Oh yes, random question… I found myself singing (to myself) in time with the MRI racket “one man went to mow, went to mow a meadow” lol… anyone else entertain themselves weirdly?!

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That’s a good idea Dahlia, if you get too hot, just pop yourself into an MRI scanner to cool down!!

I’ve always found them to be a bit nippy. And aim for thick socks and a jumper whenever I’ve had them.

I do hope you get answers at your appointment next week.

And no, I’ve never sung to myself in an MRI. I’ve generally been fast asleep within about 10 minutes! But you must have been nicely relaxed in there. Or just a bit odd!


I’m due my annual Tysabri brain scan shortly. If I find myself singing ‘One Man Went to Mow’, I’ll know who to blame. Good luck for your appointment.



I think “just a bit odd” is most likely lol!

Hope your scan goes well… I’ll look forward to hearing if you get through it without “one man went to mow” now haha!


Thought so. That’s why you fit in with the Foggy crowd so nicely.


i lose count of how many men went to mow that bloody meadow!

Stick at one Carole, then you won’t get confused.


Wise words… I discovered that once you get past twelve the song goes to pot!

Hope it goes well Alison :slight_smile:

I’ve got my next one Tues Pm, will probably be a waste of time - but at least it will be cool in there!


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i prefer to sing heavy metal which goes brilliantly with the clanging of the electro magnets. black sabbath!

I would just like to clarify that “one man went to mow” wouldn’t be my usual music genre of choice!

Had one on the 30th june, tried counting to pass the time but i do recall a few tunes going thru my head… cant recall the songs, thats my problem memory,now where did i put my keys…

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‘One Man went to Mow’ did feature. Your reach is long, YellowDahlia. :slight_smile:


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How did you all get on with the scans? I am having a frustrating morning re results and being at two hospitals (but I won’t moan here - have had one delightfully helpful person on the phone anyway)! Will post more when I know more!