MRI Scan

Hi All

I am going for a full MRI Spinal Scan on the 14 th Jan for my MS.

Will I have any problems?


Hi Graham I had one done last year and a spinal scan done just in December there should be no problems some places that do these scans let you take your own music in to listen to. Which helps. Have you had one done before? Do you know what to expect? I’m a little abnormal I guess and I like the scanner it’s warm and cosy and the noise blocks out the thoughts from my over active head!! Oh and I also like the vibration that you can sometimes feel!! when I had my brain a spine scan I was almost asleep and was a little upset when it ended!! Lol. Hope it’s been a little help? em


I’m with Em - I actually quite enjoy having an MRI. I always take a CD along to give them to play, and by the end of the scan I can often find I’m drifting off to sleep despite the mental noises the scanner makes.

Some people think it’s claustrophobic, but it’s never been a problem for me. It’s very bright, not dark, and there’s a very light breeze that flows over you, so it doesn’t feel confined at all. I just close my eyes and enjoy the ride : )


Its fine, noisey but fine but expect to be in there about an hour.

Its afterwards I struggle. They cage your head, and you have to lay still. When i come out every muscle spasm that couldnt spasm goes nuts lol…and i end up with cramp and stiffness in my legs and back ache…The actual MRI doesnt bother me. They are so much more modern now. My first one was in a trailer lol…it was old like me…i giggled as it was like shoving me inside a the hole of a polo mint lol…

Anyway just relax, and think to yourself hopefully this will give me answers…and just take a holiday image and enjoy the sun and the sun, and you drinking a few daiguiris lol, and by the time you get to the third one its over lol. x