Only had time to drink my coffee!

I’ve been feeling rotten for a few days and yesterday had to admit to myself that I’d got a UTI. Two trips to the doctors, one in am to send off a sample and one in the afternoon to see the nurse who dipped my sample of grapefruit juice looking sample. I was given a broad spectrum antibiotic while my sample grows. I felt a bit… Little bit better so went to work this morning, had a phone call with my team leader who got a bit cross(said with love) and sent me home for the rest of the week. By the most part my employers (NHS) have been very supportive and today has pointed out I’m not good at accepting defeat. Have a good day what ever you do or don’t do. I’ve no excuse for not drinking enough today! Sara x

Hi Sara Sorry to hear of your UTI. They do make you feel ghastly so put your feet up and be kind to yourself. Linda x

Yeh, you take it steady now hun.

luv Pollx

Hi Sara How are you feeling today? Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. My catheter blocked last night…all sorted now!! Linda x

Hi Linda, I’m feeling a little less symptomatic but I feel absolutely drained. I don’t know if its the antibiotics? So glad I got sent home or I’d be on my knees by now. I’m having urethral bypass at the moment, I’m hoping that’s just down to the infection, I’m glad I’m due to see my urologist on Wednesday. I read about your blockage, no fun. I had this early on when I still had clots in my bladder, it’s horrid, I’m so glad you got sorted. I’ve made you a buddy if that’s ok with you. Sara x

Hi Sara Antibiotics are not good for you so that’s why you will feel drained I guess. Uretheral leakage is not good that’s what I’m dreading… Glad you are seeing your urologist next week. Hopefully the infection should have cleared by then. Thanks for making me your buddy I will add you too!! Try and rest up this weekend. Linda x