Not so smug now.

Hello all,

Earlier this week I sent a post saying that after I have reduced my caffeine intake, I don’t seem to have any more bladder infections. Well now, I find myself eating my own words, as despite me being a caffeine free zone, I seem to have another one. On Monday I hope to make an appointment to see my GP as I want to change my antibiotics, and hopefully kick this into touch. Wish me luck,


Yeh Moira, I do wish you luck, Often when something isnt bothering me as much, I say so and then wallop........its been listening and stung me on the tail!

luv Pollx

Good Luck Moira I am beyond fed up with my bladder problems. UTIs, urine retention etc. I hope you Get some different tablets that work! Teresa xx

Wish you the very best of luck Moira, do let us know what the result is, please.



Cranberry Juice. Drink a glass every morning with breakfast, and that will send it packing !