Online banking

I don’t know if many of you are managing their account online. I normally keep my finances very simple and am weary of security issues with online presence. However, some time ago my children persuaded me to go online and I must say so far it’s been a godsend. Yes, you do have to memorise your customer number, two sets of passwords but if you use it regularly you remember those quickly.

Yesterday, I needed to change a standing order, went online and found in left hand side navigation ‘web chat/chat now’. This allows you to ask a question online and an agent at the bank responds instantly. You can ask a question and the agent will guide you how to do it. The whole thing lasted couple of minutes, the agent double checked whether what I did actually had happened. Very useful function and much better than trying to phone, going round and round and getting frustrated. I wish public bodies had similar facility, pehaps it will happen in the future.


Hello Marlyla,

Yes online banking works very well. As long as you are aware of the very slight chance of being hacked or cloned, it saves a lot of hassle. As for public bodies; because I’ve had to apply for different things, the variety of processes and lack of consistency between goverment departments is laughable. For examle:

ESA; download and fill form on computer, print out and send off-expensive.

Tax credits; ring up for form by post fill in and send off-long winded.

Council tax; request online, receive form and send with pre paid envelope-better.

Carer’s allowance; fill in and send online-hooray!

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Maryla,

I am afraid I am “old school” and don’t do that much on the computer, I have heard about some horror stories, and much prefer to speak to someone face to face.

Its another story for my children, they do it all on line, and think I am silly not to go for it, but as I say to them, each to their own.

Have a good day.

Pam x

I do online banking and find it a godsend. Really useful. Can check my balance, direct debits, transfer funds etc. I never, ever give any details if I get an email from the bank. That’s a big NO NO. The bank will never ask you to give account number or any security questions in an email. If you get an email from your bank delete it asking for any details at all, delete it. Also never use family birthdays or wedding anniversary as your ‘memorable date’ and never use a family member as your ‘memorable name’. Follow those rules and it’s safe. I’ve been online banking for about 8 years and never had a problem (yes I just touched wood!!!). Pat xx

You have it susses Pat, but after yesterdays episode, I think it safer for me not to do it.

Have a good day, weather meant to be on the change tomorrow.

Pam x

Hi Pam, I love online banking, despite getting into a tizzy at the slightest thing these days I am actually fine with online banking…maybe because there is nobody behind me tutting! I am very very careful to do the things that Pat has warned you about but as yet…all extremities firmly crossed…I have not had a single problem…I do check my account regularly though …just to be sure. I set up the whole thing on line and have never actually been into the bank. I believe I am right in saying that Lloyds is, or at least was, the only bank where you can do this…with the others I think you have to go in to prove you are a human being!! Nina x

Hi Ninaa, yes I think you do have to go into the branch first, my kids did and that was Barclay’s and Santander.

Well done you for doing it.

Pam x

I’m of the old school too and I’m frightened of online banking. My parents do it but I’m not comfortable with putting my banking details online. I have a PayPal account and a credit card with a different bank to the one I use for my day to day banking so that if there was ever a problem they can’t stop my debit card. Pathetic really

Cath xx

I used to do all the household accounts, and have been using online banking for ages. The good thing is that I can still do it with the laptop or the ipad. I call my armchair my office. It has a pocket on the side which holds magazines etc and I keep a clipboard in there. That’s my filing cabinet! Every so often I work through the clipboard, pay bills, and so on, and give Ruth finished items to file in the study/ shred / recycle. Sorted!

I work in the industry and consequently I’m a bit paranoid and remember when I locked myself out just on the phone banking and that took time to sort out! I stick to the phone banking now and I’m sticking like glue. I can’t handle all the passwords and codes as it is LOL

Sonia x

i do most of my shopping online and i also love online banking,i was just saying the other day to my family,that it keeps my independance too,i would be lost without my laptop i really would.

i really do think all this technology is good for us msers

J x

Too true… and don’t know what I’d do without internet shopping. I sometimes think about how awful it must have been to be disabled years ago. You know, outside loo, nowhere accessible for wheelchairs, no showers (when I was a kid NOBODY had a shower!), no rights…no MS forum!!! We are really very lucky (please nobody shout at me)… but you know life for disabled people has really come a long way. Pat xx

i agree Pat,it would have been much harder

J x

I also use online banking and shopping. I take care of info I give out, but so far have been ok. I use PayPal when I can and feel that is more secure than sending a cheque as I used to. With a cheque you are giving a complete stranger your banks name and address, your full name, account number and sort code - so PayPal is more discreet, I think. And shopping, getting into the car, driving to town, paying to park, then going round all shops to compare - oh no - a few clicks and it is sent to you and worth the few pounds to have it delivered. Yes, yes, yes I agree with Pat I would not be without the Internet now. Jackie x

You are right Pat. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true. I would think things have got better over even the past 20 years.

I always used to say that ours (I mean mine & Pat’s) generation has been the luckiest in history. We had the best of the welfare state before politicians started ruining it, the best shot at education including free university education, we grew up in the 60’s which was so exciting, and we haven’t been bombed from the air or conscripted. What’s to complain about?

You can tell I’m having a good day

Pat your right My Dad died fifty years ago after having his leg amputated and when I think back wooded yes wooden crutches that went under the arm I was only ten but we had no elecric and bottled gas we had just got indoor loo and then we had to sell up when he died

Pat you’re so right. I often wonder where I’d be without everyone on here. You’ve all been a godsend for me. That’s without considering internet shopping etc. I agree, technology is extremely beneficial for us. I never feel alone, even on a bad day when I’m sofa or bed bound you all cheer me up. Thank you.

Cath xx

Lol just come from online banking to here. I dont even recognise this world from the one of my youth mobile phones computers etc I remember my dad telling me he worked on the farm with horses. The world has changed shame some people want it to be ruled like it was 500 years ago