One weeks ESA

My fortnightly ESA is due next week yet today one weeks has been paid into my account. Anyone know why this might be?

Thanks Jan x

I got the same, Jan. No idea why.

Sarah x

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Yes. I got it too so phoned the Jobcentre. There was a recorded message saying that lots of people have been paid one weeks benefit in advance and next week, they’ll get the other week that’s due. Followed by the normal payment 2 weeks later. Absolutely no explanation why.

I had been hoping it was an extra weeks payment for being good all of last year!!


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Just checked - MeToo.

How odd not sending a letter with an explanation why.

Perhaps ESA has been wrongly paid 2 weeks in arrears or something.

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Thank you for replying. One of life’s little problems solved. Now as to why I lean forward when driving up a steep bank… Jan x

It’s a computer glitch. I’ve had the same thing happen as well. On your normal payment date you will receive one weeks money then back to normal in two weeks time.

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