One for the ladies

Thought I was having the MS hug. Been today for new underwear, got myself measured and what a surprise needed a bigger bra, round my back, put on too much weight, don’t you just love it!

i’ve noticed that i fasten my bra on the biggest setting.

nothing new to report on the size of my boobs - its all my fat back!!!

Know that feeling, oh well:-)

Hi Billpat

I have put on lots of weight around the back, I suppose it’s because don’t do all of the execise I used to do and have just been through the menopause. Mind you I still have to have a larger bra due to ‘the hug’, it’s difficult buying bras these days as I’m a 44c, or 42 with some extensions I’ve bought. Other than buying sports bras that are see through as they have no padding, some very embarrasing photos outside where my nipples wer on display! and not much support.

I now have one very good bra, one very old ancient bra and about 4 sports bras mainly black. For some reason or other 44c bras are very expensive, that seems to go for 44d bras too.

Happy shopping, it may be prudent to buy some of the extensions, for days when bra feels too tight, for me that’s every day.

Wendy x