On the wireless

For those who do not listen to the ‘Today’ programme on BBC Radio 4, this is English humour at its best.

Right at the end of a programme recently, there was a discussion about the obscene cost of entry into Premiership football matches where the cheapest price of £60 or £100 per game is not uncommon.

An elderly chap being interviewed said he could recall many years ago arriving at the turnstiles when the attendant greated him with “That will be ten quid, mate”.

“What?!” the old chap said “I could get a woman for that!”

Without batting an eyelid, the fellow on the turnstile retorted, "Not for 45 minutes each way with a brass band and a meat pie in the interval, you wouldn’t!”


Love that Wb! It’s going on my facebook page :slight_smile: I’m impressing…or shocking heehee, friends and family with jokes :slight_smile: