Drinks down.............RUDE

A Glasgow couple are having hard financial times, so they decide that she’ll try being going on the game.
She’s not quite sure what to do, so the husband says, “Stand in front of that bar and pick up a bloke. Tell him you charge a hundred pounds. Any questions and I’ll be parked around the corner.”
She stands outside the bar for about five minutes showing her leg, when a bloke pulls up and asks “How much?”
She says, “£100”.
He replies, “All I got is thirty.”
She says, “Hold on” and runs back to the husband and asks. "What now. What can he get for thirty?”
"A *and ob" the husband replied.
She runs back and tells the bloke all he gets for thirty quid is a h
nd *ob. He agrees and she gets in the car.
He unzips his trousers, he is very well proportioned. She stares at it for a few seconds, then says. “I’ll be right back.”
She runs back to the husband.
“What’s wrong?” he asks.
“Any chance you could lend this bloke £70?”

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hee hee hee, love it

Gonna bump this up for you Wb, I think some of your fans have missed it!!

Sorry. Forget to say, I loved it. That much, it’s on my facebook page. Shock a few people…hopefully

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l love this one Wb.

Thing is - did she get her £70. Or shall we have a whip round for her.

Good one!