On the threshold of boredom part deux


Whilst I enjoyed writing about my weather driven dull time, I began to feel that the language may have been a little too prosaic. Here’s a more artistic, thespianised (Is that a word?) version.

I declare myself open to all insults pertaining to my desire for ostentation.

Best wishes.

Ah Steve, we are only human. It’s like the animal waking from hibernation after the long, dark winter season…

Have a listen to that beautiful song by Dire Straits, Why Worry.

​It’s my Go To song when I’m feeling a little lack lustre.

Steve, I’m an enormous fan of your work. Brilliant again! I agree with Poppy about ‘Why Worry’, excellent piece but then I love most of Dire Straits music. However one song which pushes me along is Monty Pythons ‘Always look on the Bright Side’! You may think that is strange but it reminds me that there are plenty of people a lot worse off than me and some achieve amazing seemingly impossible things. If they can, so can I (don’t expect me to be snowboarding in the Winter Paralympics though!). They are like Spring flowers managing to push through the deeply frozen earth. How do they do it? Instinctive determination.

As always Steve I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog, thanks.

It makes you wonder if the animals that hibernate during the cold dark winter months have got it right, whereas we struggle on regardless, hoping that the lighter nights and warmer weather will come quickly.

One thought we must hold on to though is…out of the darkness comes light.

Have a good weekend.

Pam x

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I like the love hearts on your fridge best …It made me smile . Michelle and Frazer xx

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