Another day in Paradise

I can’t remember, was it Paul Simon who sang that song? I could Google it but I am sure you guys will put me right.

If I get some legs that work from my grandson I will let you know.

It’s now quarter past twelve and I am wide awake I have watched a film read some of my book played candy crush and Heather is fast asleep in the other room doing her impression of a motor boat. It’s lonely so I am blogging tweeting etc whilst my guts sound like an angry quartet of bad musician’s.

Night folks hope you have more sleep than me.


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Hi Don,

I hope you feel better and have more peaceful nights soon. I’ve had a couple of “staring at the ceiling nights” of late, with pain in my neck going right down my right side. It disappeared as inexplicably as it came. Another transient MS delight. I think it was Phil Collins?

Best wishes.

Hello Don,

I struggle to sleep at night…need too many wee’s! resorted to a potty at the side of the bed its terrible… i’m at the hospital tomorrow i think they prescribe something to help. Poor Heather… Lee says that i snore but He is very loud so he can’t complain.

Michelle x

Hello Don.

It was definitely a Phil Collins hit. Toilet dominated days are reminders from the beast that our lives are ruled by it. Dare we ignore it and plan something normal, it aims its huge hobnail boot at one of our tender parts. Then there’s the sleep.

What paradise is it to be burdened with the shackles of MS? Are we in the best country to be suffering from it? Well we’re not in a war zone and we haven’t been invaded by a fundamentalist religious group-that’s something to be grateful for.

My young nephew asked why I needed a stick. “You’re not old,” he added. Where do you start?

Best wishes, Steve

Thanks guys, I had success at last but am exhausted. Had great afternoon friend cam to visit she is in middle of chemotherapy and having a rough time, I thought I was having a sh#t time.

She is fantastic and love her to bits. Her husband has messed ligaments in his leg and the came to see how I am

Humbling is not the word.

Don XX

Love you guys

Yes, it’s a Phil Collins song and now I’m going to be singing it all night. Thank goodness it’s one I like and not a terrible ditty that bothers you for days… Isn’t it funny how we look at other people and feel for them, thinking they’re so brave etc when they turn around and say that of us? I can think of so many people worse off than me and remembering that lifts me up on my down days. I’ve got so much to live for. I never imagined I’d ever be able to cope with a chronic illness and reading my medical records is enough to make many people weep.

I might not be living in paradise but I’m not very far from it, considering the hills I climb daily. I’m off to “sing” myself to sleep now. Goodnight

Cath xx

Hope you slept well Cath. I had a great night slept sound now in bed watching telly drinking coffee. Yep another day in Paradise

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Great blog Don.

I remember one day when my grandson was about 5. We were at his other grandparent’s house & they were kicking a ball around in the garden. He looked at me so seriously and said ‘You can’t play Nana cos your legs don’t work properly’. Ah they break your heart don’t they.

Hope you’re feeling better now and tummy has settled down.

Pat xx

Thanks Pat. Yes back to normal thanks. Out of the mouths of babes, they make you smile and other times they can make you cringe.

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