On my rear end, Christmas

Hi Guys
Merry Christmas to all :heartpulse:
Yesterday I landed on my rear end at the bottom of our front steps! We required the help of a neighbour to get me up of the soaking wet steps. Boy I am sore today, nothing broken that I can tell. Not going any where the NHS they are busy enough.
Love to all, be safe and take care M x

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should have read ‘not going any where near the NHS’
M :heartbeat:

Owww. Soooo annoying. Once I hit the deck it is a huge deal to get me up again, not helped by my embarrassment at needing help to get up. Hope you are less hurty soon. Mick

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Thank you Mick, M x

Better your rear end than head first, I suppose. Steps are a real challenge anytime. Take care and hope you manage to enjoy your Christmas. Wazzy😘

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I did enjoy Christmas thanks AND determined to use more water in it :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
I was sober but I thought that was funny
Take care, be safe, :heart: M x