On a different note

This week is the 20th anniversary of me living alone

I was 16 and now I’m 36

Through all the rubbish I’ve been through (intentional and not intentional) I’ve still managed to keep living alone

No kids, no parter…I feel I’m too set in my ways to change

But that’s ok…I’ll be alone forever and be a crazy old cat lady (without the cat…so just a crazy lady)

I love my independence….and will fight, kicking and screaming, to keep it that way


Good for you, a great attitude keeps us all going.

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Well, you never know, there might be some similarly crazy old cat man or woman somewhere out there! I was on my own quite happily for 10 years and then one day 20 years ago and across a crowded room etc.

Thank you for your reply :smiling_face:

This is true

I remember then forget….life is a long process, and there’s still many years to go

Maybe one day it’ll happen

Cautiously optimistic is my motto

But still, if I don’t find someone adequate…I’ll never settle. I’d rather be alone

I agree fully. From my own experiences - kTime in a less than happy and supportive relationship just drags you down .

This is going to sound bonkers but I sometimes used to watch the daytime soap ‘Doctors’. A few episodes features a woman who decided to marry herself and make vows to herself. A bit bonkers in a way but probably a lot to be said for going through some sort of structured and conscious process of making vows to ourselves and our happiness, wealth , health etc ‘ I promise to help me in etc, etc

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