Never give up

I went on a blind date tonight with a girl who has the depth of character to see past all the machinery and my odd quirks . I am not on the crap heap,kissed a woman and will be seeing more of her.The amazing thing was that she wore no make up.It was the real her in all her truthful glory,and for 56 a tidy piece

The moral of the story is,“No effin’ surender”, whatever you are doing keep doing it.


Nice one WB; I too am so lucky with my young lady; love her to bits…

I’m jealous!!!

Treasure her,and hands off,all mine Kermit


Oh that’s lovely, I’m very lucky, I’ve been married for 32yrs to my lovely hubby Steve, so good luck too you, long may it last, take care, Jean x

I cant see how I am ever going to find a partner I am stuck at home in Warrington and have been single for over 6 years I feel very lonely don’t have any friends here and rarely leave the house except to go shopping.


Delighted to read this this morning!

As u know you persuaded me to something i would never dream off-go on a dating site! was on for 3 months-met 3 local guys-we are still in touch now.

but soon after joining i dated someone from here for 2 years-for several reasons that didnt work out but one of the 3 (the one i had never met,met the other 2,we didnt ‘click’ but remain friends) emailed me, hes known re ms from begining and knows the past 6 weeks have been challenging (?!) and he hasnt run anywhere! we are in touch every day see each each other 1/2 a month-its brill! i am busy with my life and kids, he works crazy shifts but when we meet he treats like a princess.

ellie x (grinning for you! enjoy-i know u will!)

Sounds (lonely) JON - have you done anything to break the ‘cycle’ - I, myself am married but your ‘comment’ makes me realise that ‘anything’ can happen - just remember that it is YOUR LIFE AND THERE IS ‘BOUND’ TO BE A PARTNER FOR YOU?


wb - lovely post - as they say here in Yorkshire every pot has its lid!

Stevo,this Yorkshireism…does it mean completing the job,'cos if so I’ve taken the first step(there’s a larf).I don’t feel complete without a girl to care for and drive nuts.Actually more nuts.


good for you wobblyboylove is in the air…

jon - you sound so unhappy, surely there is somewhere you could go to socialise.

the ms therapy centre that i go to is full of great people and if someone new comes, the lady in charge will notice if they are shy and will ask the rest of us to make him/her feel especially welcome.

join a group to do with a hobby or interest. these don’t always work out but at least you’ll b e busy giving it a try.

i joined a book club, met loads of nice people but i haven’t got the concentration to finish a book at their speed

so then i joined an art group but my painting isn’t that good. if i take my time it’s not so bad but its better done at home.

joined a yoga class but i haven’t been for ages because my ms has been playing up.

do you know anyone in your town?

sorry for wittering on. i’m a pest like that

carole x

That`s brill news. Good for you.

luv Pollx

Hi Jon, just wondered, did you know there are dating agencies for disabled folk. We all need love/companionship, eh? Using an agency like that, gets rid of of things like wondering what folk will think when they find out we are less able than some.

Just a thought.

luv Pollx

I thought this was a lovely post. There are people out there who do see beyond the broken bodies and the outlook shaped by our condition. I am lucky enough to be married to one and your post just reminded me of that. Good luck.


Stevo,this Yorkshireism…does it mean completing the job,'cos if so I’ve taken the first step(there’s a larf).I don’t feel complete without a girl to care for and drive nuts.Actually more nuts.


you have pm

Yes I am very very lonely I used to live in Manchester I had a few friends there and felt like I fitted in, Unforunatley I got into financial difficulties and had to move back home with my mum and brother in Warrington I do not have any friends here , my mum and brother are 2 people I really don’t get on with

I get on really well with my aunt on my dad’s side who also doesnt get on well with my mum, neither does half the family onmy dads side which causes a rift as I feel a lot more comfertable with her than I do with my mum.

I have to rely on my aunt to take me to hospital appts for scans etc as my mum wont drive on motorwars. I also feel like I can tell my aunt anything when I am scared to talk to my mum

I have joined a few dating sites but as of yet nothing has come from them, I have not heard of the disabled social group, what is that one?

My local MS group meets once a month and there meeting is next Tues so think I will go to that and see what happens.

Good news - I’m very lucky as my missus is my best mate and we have a very loving relationship, even though it does take me a wee bit longer with my MS but we usually get there in the end…

When (not if) you go to your local MS group, ask the Sec, and/or the Transport Officer, what they can do for you with regard to getting you to meetings. My local branch does organize taxis for those who cannot make their own way …

You could also ask what they suggest about hospital appointments.


Thanks Geoff, I do have a very good relationship with my Aunt and she will always take me to appts even if they come at very late/last minute notice like my last scan.

As for my local MS group they meet at a social club around the corner from where I live so I will be able to drive myself to that.

I went to a wonderful wedding at the weekend and while talking to the brides brother he said that he had recently joined a dating site, eagerly waited for matches …and then his sister came up as the best match!!!

She had never thought to cancel it after meeting her as it turns out husband on there.

Really happy for you wb,and Jon if you always do as you always did,you will always get what you always got…please change the cycle and be pro active in making a new life for yourself.

You used to have a circle of friends so there is no reason why you cant make another…Take the plunge back out there,and you never know whose waiting for you.