Omega 3-6-9


I read something on Twitter about high strength Omega 3-6-9 capsules having a beneficial effect on stiffness and tingling in the hands. This is something which plagues me so I’m definitely going to try it. I just wondered if anyone else has heard of this and tried it and if it helped?


I don’t know anything about Omega 3-6-9 but I do know my hands and arms are worse if I use my iPad and laptop too much on an evening. I keep promising myself I won’t use either after 6pm but I keep letting myself down

Jan x

i take a high strength omega 3 and have for 7 years.

don’t know if it works but i’m not going to stop it.

if nothing else fish oils help the joints and i’m getting to that creaky age!

carole x

In some of the reading I have done literature from MS Society & MS Trust Omega 3,6,9 was mentioned so I now take it since 28th March, too soon to say if any benefit. However as someone who doesn’t qualify for any treatments I’ll try anything that won’t cause harm & may benefit me.