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just started taking omega 3, seems to be doing some good with stiffness in fingers & left leg, any comments or experiences welcome :wink:


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Ive just ordered omega 3 and 6 trying to double my chances of improvement. Been using Evening Primrose & Starflower oil, omega 6 GLA on its own, now going to add cod liver oil with vit.d and E.

Do let us know if it makes any difference in say a month. Ive already noticed my stomach has settled and my skin and hair are a lot better. Supposed to stop inflamation and increase vit.d intake.

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Source BBC Radio 4: The Food Programme

The best ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 oils in the diet 1:3
i.e. 1 part omega 3 to 2 parts omega 6.
The UK national average is 1:10

Less omega 6 is needed in the UK diet, so use less seed oils.
Too much omega 6 causes inflammation
• More heart disease
• More cancer
• More mental disturbances.

Foods high in omega 6 are:
• Corn
• Peanut
• Soy
• Seed oils
• & processed foods.

Omega 3 foods:
• Rape and olive oil contain long chain Omega 3 oils which are best.
• Eggs rich in omega 3
• All fish
• Flax oil [which is omega 3 rich but omega 6 poor].

Been taking 4 a day for the last few years. (4000mg)
Like anything, I don’t know if I’m as ‘good’ as I am because of this drug. BUT,
it helps the skin stay ‘young’ ! So, MS or not I’m still vain and shall keep taking it!!

I eat plenty of tuna and mackerel at least three times a week plus eggs is this ok ? am i eating enough or to much? is it better to take a supplement or not? i don’t take any vitamins my old doctor years ago said to me we shouldn’t take them they can do more harm then good! so has put me off them. He said we should always get them through food, how right was he does anyone know?

tracy x

One of my Ophthalmologists put me on to Omega 3 fish oil a few years ago and I swear by it. One capsule a day 1000mg.

ptrwte wrote:
Hi!, :)

just started taking omega 3, seems to be doing some good with stiffness in fingers & left leg, any comments or experiences welcome :wink:


I take a combined cod-liver oil and evening primrose capsule every morning. I like it that it’s combined, as it’s one less pill to take.

I can’t honestly say I’ve noticed any difference in how I feel. But I read that the omega acids may be “helpful” with MS. I haven’t had a significant relapse for quite a long time now, so I’m scared to change my regime, just in case it’s doing the trick - even though I don’t really notice feeling better.

Recently, I began taking magnesium supplements at night, in addition to my baclofen. And I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but I think my cramp and stiffness seem a little better, and my joints not as painful in the mornings. But, as ever with MS, it’s very hard to prove cause and effect. I might just have been blessed with a good phase lately, and it has nothing at all to do with anything I’ve been taking.

This is the dilemma: you can spend a fortune, and never be sure whether or not it did anything.