Does it help, when you are suffering from progressive ms ?

Omega 3 helps , and salmon is rich in omega 3. Need to eat a lot, though. Easier to buy omega fish oil capsules.

Hi Survivor,

Well, fish oils are supposedly good for you, whatever kind of MS you’ve got - and even if you don’t have MS! But I can’t think just a single food would make a dramatic difference. It certainly won’t do you any harm, but how much of it were you thinking of eating?

It’s recommended everyone (including non-MSers) gets two portions of oily fish a week, which I struggle with, as I don’t really like fish. I do eat mackerel which counts as an oily fish, but not as often as twice a week, so I take fish-oil supplements as well.



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Thank you John h / Anitra and brother has got me the tablets. Let’s see.

Hi being an ex-fisherman i can say ive eaten plenty of Mackerel Herring and Sardines and kippers has it made me better for it i dont think so but maybe if i hadnt id be worse who knows , though now i eat loads of veg and salads and tins of sardines and kippers :slight_smile: id like to think its doing something good


Hi All,

I have been diagnosed with this distressing condition for 3 years. The first year, it was benign and where the Neurologist left me for a whole year having just told me “It’s MS and benign”. Not realising or understanding what that meant I carried on with my life best I could. Also that day I won the Best Juvenile fiction 2012, for my 3rd book across North America NABE. As the year went on so did my horrible condition and by now I was put onto Avonnex, what a disaster that was. My MS went from bad to worse, yet I coped and managed. As the 2015 ended I found myself with a new neurologist and I lost myself in writing my new book, writing and conditioning myself into permitting this illness not to define me even though it had attacked my balance and family life. Determination and resilience is something I grown to adapt moreso.

At the end of 2015, my fourth book was submitted and it won the best Sci-Fi pinnacle book 2016. winning NABE across all states. As 2016 commenced I was put onto Tysabri. I am still wobbly but still taking the medication I only have myself to control as much as I can.I hope everyone gets better though their illness.Rx

Being a Swanker i eat a lot of fish (and chicken).

Living in British Columbia, salmon are in abundance.

I cannot complain. Whether it helps those with MS or not is tough to say. It certainly does not hurt!

trout has a lot of omega 3 if salmon becomes boring.

(i wish there was a beer containing omega 3)