Ok don't know where to begin.

Ok so my MS has progressed to the point of constant worries fro fall to spasisty to being too weak to care for myself nor my own home or animals. Now the doctor says I need to stay in this nursing home for good. I’m only 48 and can’t even get up on my own at least a third the time without worrying about falling to the floor and I wasn’t hardly eat in the end. So we had the MS society in the US but they closed it claimed that this platform was cancelled. Thank you all for not. I have had friends around the world dealing with this. Do any of you think it’s best to just listen to the doctor and family? It’s mainly my family that’s always stressed me out and caused my MS to get way worse. Hope I don’t offend asking u guys. I’ll check back tomorrow and see.

Hi Bobby, I dont know how things work over there, but if I were in your shoes (and could be if I didnt have my hubby to look after me almost 24/7.), I would be looking at carers coming in to my own home as much as possible.

We do have Social Services here, who do a care assessment. After the assessment, it is worked out how many hours they believe you need for all personal care, social outings, food shopping and some housework/cooking .

My latest assessment gave me 27 hours and 2 sleepovers each week. I have 2 carers coming in to do this. The rest is up to my hubby.

Care homes do a good job a lot of the time, but not always.

I think being 48 years old and having mental capacity shouldnt mean you need to be in a care home.

Do you have access to a Social Worker?

If I were you, I would speak to them ASAP.