Occupational health reasonable adjustment

My employer has been told by the occupational health service that they should follow the advice of my medical professionals telling them to support me with an office job. I work for Royal Mail so at the moment I am a postman. I have recently had a relapse so I haven’t been back to work since the last OH report was done but now I am being re referred to occupational health again as they told me to do this if anything changes IE the medication I take. I haven’t been back to work or haven’t heard anything from my employer about reasonable adjustments.
They have done a scoping form for me but I can’t see them giving me an office job in Royal Mail. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

Keep pushing!

Depending on your age or length of service, they could retire you on ill health or make you redundant or find you a suitable role more suited to your condition. Being sat at home doing nothing is not a long term scenario.

I am 33 I have been with the company for 7 years. I think the only thing they probably could do is dismiss me due to ill health which they offer a lump sum with but it seems they just keep going around in circles as my doctor has clearly stated in a letter that my situation is definitely a problem with me being a postman and also suggests I should have a protected schedule and be offered an office job as apart of my daily duties which they will not offer me because there are no office jobs in my area or anything that I’d be qualified for. And I didn’t say anything about being sat at home doing nothing being a long term scenario.

Your situation has echoes of my own some 5 years ago when I worked for Sky Tv, unfortunately it became difficult to find a solution for me to continue in my role, but thankfully I had legal cover (included in my home contents insurance) to argue on my behalf to reach an agreement as in reality I was no longer wanted.
I hope it works out for you but it might be worth checking your legal cover.