changes to work

I have been in my current role for the last ten years. It is a role I know well and can function well in it. My employer now wants to change this role making parts of it more demanding,. I have had very little consultation on this. The role will be more physically and mentally demanding and as I have issues with cognition parts of it will need to be relearned. I need to write a response but just not sure what I should say.

Hi @Lauraf. I guess there are a few things to consider, what was in your original contract, are the changes covered by what is called reasonable and inline with ‘the needs of the business’? If you were not ill would you be able to do the job? That then makes me wonder how much they know about your health. May be they have already made reasonable adjustments for you or not. Do you have an occupational health person at work or a union rep? I am no expert but sounds like you need to advice before sending a reply. Hope through this forum you will get some suggestions that may help you.

Lots of questions:
Are many people implicated or just you? Department wide?
Is it a big company or small?
Is your employer aware of your MS?
Has there been talk of redundancies, however gossipy? Is the company doing well?
Need to be very sure if the new contract changes are discriminatory or running changes to a general role.
As Rogue says, now would be a good time to involve your Union if you have one, and get a report from Occy Health.

It’s very hard to get rid of someone specifically because of their disability, especially one who has 10 years service.

I have just been referred to occupational health at work…this protects myself and the company…I am a salesman at John Lewis, but you would not believe what the job has covered in 10 years…bed building, rug & mattress wrapping, moving dining tables and sofas. Working in the customer restaurant…

My health has been pretty okay since 2012 - barely a sick day…certainly in top 10% for attendance.I had a relapse on February…there are things I cannot do and things I refuse to do…My manager is very sympathetic & understands fully my limitations.