Ocupational Health

Hi Everyone I was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago. Im lucky enough that my ilness does not cause too much trouble yet. I am working for a food company. Ever since I told them about my disability they haven’t been much of a help. About 2 years ago I asked my company if I could stick to one shift so I could attend MS trust meetings and they said they couldnt do it. I have the feeling when Im asking for a Hospital appointment they are not happy about it. Last year I refused to change my hours from 40hrs per week to 48hrs. I said I cant do more hours as its not good for my health. Also this yeat they have asked to reduce the overtime pay which again I refused. I do not do any OT but also do not want to change my contract. I had also been harrased to take extra duties that are not stated in my contract. I politely turned dowm the offer a numerous times. I have neem told if I dont accwpt the change I might be dissmised. I said they cant sack me because I am disabled acording to Equality Act 2010. I think because I stand for myself they want to send me to ocupational health now. I have not been off sick due to my MS. I haven’t been preforming any different then other enployees. I dont think that OH appointment is necessary at this moment. I asked for reasonable adjustments 2 years ago so I dont believe my employer stared to worry about my well being now. I feel that they want to try to use it aginst me because I am the only one that refused to changes in my contract.Therefore I do not believe my employer intentions are genuine… My health is currently no affecting my fitness to do my job at this point. Can I resude to attend the OH specialist. Can I ask for gounds on which they want me to go there?

Occupational health may be able to assist in your situation. They are there to make recommendations to the organisation and inform them on what maybe considered a reasonable adjustment. They are not there to advise on dismissal and are there to advise independently. They shouldn’t be on your side or employers and should be totally impartial. I would attend as they should hopefully have a positive effect and if your employer continues to discriminate you have more evidence if you ever needed to take them to an employment tribunal for disability discrimination. Referral to oh isn’t a punishment just a way for them to get medical advice on the workplace and adjustments like attending hospital appointments or working hours. Good luck

I self referred to occupational health where I worked as soon as I was diagnosed, They came and assessed the area I worked in and made suggestions for reasonable adjustments to help make it easier for me to work. They were very useful/helpful and the place I worked in was expected to comply with any suggestions they made…

I think that Occupational Health is there to try and facilitate and help to ensure that you have a working environment that suits your state and also keeps you productive to the company. They and the company should realise that if you are happy in your work you will be more productive. That is not to say the some of the line management might be ignorant and thoughtless. Between you OH and HR you should be able to educate them. If no one is supportive , take a look at the Access to work website

Good luck


Many thanks for your helpful answers. Hopefully OH will help me to sort things out.

I asked to see OC Health, in my case it helped.

My company has, so far been very good, however since telling them and having to reduce hours and come off shifts I have not really let the MS effect my sickness, just the odd week few and fart apart, but over the last few months or so I have had to take time off and deep down I see things getting worse, so I’m now a bit apprehensive what the new year will bring ?