Advise on giving up work

Me again , iv currently been off sick for 3 months and dont look like I am returning as the job is too difficult . I am currently applying for many jobs but was wondering is it better to give my notice in at my current job or stay on the sick ? I just think from a prospective employer point of view when your in an interview and you say you have been on the sick for 3 months it doesn’t look great . Any advise would be appreciated . Thank you :blush:

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Hello Moominmamma, I wouldn’t advise giving up your current role before you’ve asked for reasonable adjustments to be put in place to support you from your present employer. It always seems to be easier to get a new job when you already have a job, but sometimes the adjustments your present employer makes can make the difference from having to move at all.

Are you in a union as they should be able to advise you, or has your employer got a HR department that you can discuss reasonable adjustments with? Making contact in these days of Covid is difficult but you could also try Citizens Advice or alternately Access to Work.

I hope things ease for you and that your workplace supports you as reasonable adjustments are a legal obligation and most employers have more understanding and can offer more support than you may be aware of.

Hope this helps, M xxx

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Thank you for your reply, sorry I should have stated I went to occupational health and was working the reasonable adjustments but the nature of of the job ( housekeeping) ment there isn’t many adjustments and it was still too much . I also tried to get another role within the company but there wasn’t any .

If you can handle it financially, I’d say to continue using the sick leave you have left and then find another job. Keep in mind that it may take some time to find one.

There’s no shame in using sick leave, but you might have to level with a new employer from the start that you were off due to a bad spell with MS and only left because you could no longer do the work there.

I changed jobs several times and went into a completely different line of work for a while, and it worked out well for me.