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Hi there im currently off sick from work…i know the best thing fir me and my family is to not return just wondering can i hand my notice in whilst im on the sick and is there anything i could claim ? I live with my husband who works full time and 3 children thank you for any advice x

I don’t know myself but if you have an HR department you could contact them? ACAS’s website (sorry don’t know how to make a hyperlink here) has some info on it too.

Sorry if that’s not much help :confused:

Lyn x

Hi, no dont hand your notice in…it will go against you.

I would advise going down the ill health retirement route.

I did this and so have lots of other members.

You stay on the sick, with sick notes from your GP and then your employer should send a doc of their choice, to see you and consider if you are unfit for the job your currently do. If not and there are no other more suitable vacancies, your HR will instigate your IHR.

Dont resign, ok?

luv Pollx

I certainly agree with Poll. If you simply resign (as if you weren’t sick at all), you will leave with nothing, and may not qualify for benefits either, because you may be deemed to be “voluntarily” unemployed (i.e. had a job and left it).

Stay on the sick as long as you need to - don’t resign. This isn’t “milking it” - it’s just the way it works. To get the best possible leaving deal, you need your employer to agree you got too sick to continue - not walk out of your own accord.



I agree with Poll. Don’t resign!

I retired through ill health last year and HR and Occ Health were a big help to me. Do you have a good HR dept that you can talk to?

Also CAB are excellent with advice on benefits you can claim, especially if you were told that you were unfit to carry on working.

Take care.

Shazzie xx