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You would have to claim Employment Support Allowance (ESA), in other words sick money from the government. I’m unsure if you can still claim this if you have a partner who can support you. Do you pay into a private pension? If so you might be able to be medically retired.

Hopefully someone will advise you better than I can.

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hi so sorry about this. have you talked to your HR? also ACAS are great for this sort of advise. xxx

what you have to do - you have to become pro-active - phone organisations - google for advice - some benefits means tested others not.

You mention medical retirement - does your place of work have a scheme whereby you get full pay for so long then half pay?

It may be in your best financial interests to ‘go on the sick’ for a period rather than just resign.

Don’t assume everyone will have your best interests in mind (apologies for the cynicism!) - you may have to fight to get what you are entitled to.

Good advise from Craco, go sick because you definitely cannot manage.

That is what I did a few years ago.

It is not pleasant going sick as you will be unpopular but you need to stick it out and let your employer make the first move.

They will want to get rid of you and will make you an offer and then try and negotiate and ask for more.

It will be not be easy ride but just keep cool and calm.

You will not have an friends and do not discuss it with workmates.

Good luck and I am sure it will work out ok


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Lots of good advice

‘B28’…, lots of good advice here. I made the mistake (many years ago) that I told my last employers, meanwhile my condition getting worse. My honesty did NOT pay off!, biggest mistake I made! Remember, it’s YOUR life! Be ‘selfish’ for as far as emotionally possible, it’s NOT your fault! Being human and being a businessman/woman normally does not go together!, especially not under the present circumstances! (although I have known business people, although very very few, with a heart…, but just do not count on it). Take care and good luck with whatever you decide.

the bottom line is you have to look after number1 - and only you can do that!