Obituary to Jackson...Our Cat.

He gave us all UNCONDITIONAL Love Jackson our cat.

Sorely missed by all

Ah, condolences on the loss of your pet.

Our little toy poodle is nearly 15 and not in the greatest health. However she has the appetite of a great dane and gives us tons of love and snuggles, bless her.

RIP Jackson.

luv Pollxxx

Unconditional love is special indeed. Sorry to hear about Jackson - how did he get his name? it’s quite unusual. I always say never again whenever I lose a much loved companion animal but the resolve never lasts long as there is always another four legged friend in need of a home. I now have a bit of a collection - it’s my only vice (not sure husband would agree!). I am sure you have many happy memories of Jackson.

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yeh we lovem’ then we loose them, it never gets any easier! but wot good pals cats and dogs mine are all foundlings and all get the best,

RIP jackson,

Julien xx

Sorry to hear about your cat. :frowning:

Sad times when you lose a much loved pet. Remember all the happy years you shared it will help through this difficult period. Best advice I can give is to get another pet. Jackson can never be replaced but another will keep you busy!

Best wishes

Freckles xxx

Sorry to hear that sad news

Sonia x

How sad for you…It’s heartbreaking.Try to remember the good times.

Brenda x

Johnny Cash’s song “JACKSON”…only when we discovered that our Kitten was in fact a . . . .HE!


Johnny Cash’s song “JACKSON”…only when we discovered that our Kitten was in fact a . . . .HE!


Our new cat Milka is Jackson’s wee sister!

We heard that she needed a new place to live as one of the children, in Milka’s household, was allergic to cats. He didn’t bat an eyelid (apparently) when Milka was being collected but when his wee sister said…Oh…Mr. Whiskers…


hi jonny

i feel your sadness.

glad that you still have his sister with you.

i sometimes dream about my dear departed cats (5 of them) the first one i lost was 30 years ago, the latest one was this year.

but we still have my son’s cat with us and she is a menace

when she goes i will have the pleasure of getting a new rescue cat.

carole x

So sorry for your loss x

That is so sad. My cat is 22 years old and beginning to deteriorate so I know her time will come soon. Horrible time.

Bless little Jackson.

Shazzie xx

RIP Jackson


Aww, I feel for you. My dog Patch is so special to me, I love her so much. xxx