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allo mateys!

got a letter today re my state pension…as Ill be 62.5 next month, Ill be switching from ESA to state pension…quite pleasant reading too! I`ll be getting a few quid a week more than the ESA.

That`ll pay for my new leccy wheelchair via motability. Nice!

Not all bad to be an OAP eh?

luv Pollxx

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hi poll

yes life begins at 62.5!

enjoy your new leccy wheelchair and if you feel the urge to go all boy racer, do it!

carole x

happy birthday for next week xxx

Congratulation - welcome to the oldies club. Don’t forget the discounts you can get now.

Have fun x

I do sometimes go all boy racer already…even get told off sometimes…not had an asbo…yet!


Is is appropriate to say, great news you are now a golden oldie

Jan x

hi poll

i’ve heard that life begins at 62.5… definitely time to get an asbo. whats the point in becoming a pensioner gracefully? spoilers on the wheelchair i reckon!

really pleased for you, and hope you celebrate (well if the queen can have 2 birthdays, why the hell can’t you?)

with nice hugs, fluffyollie xx

Congratulations Poll!!! Go for it girl!! (more than you do now I mean hehehe)

Shazzie xx

celebrate? dunno if thatll happen. Im just so pleased I wont have to scrimp to pay for new wheelie…so that can be my celebration…an extra lap of wheeeeeeeeeeeee!