Hi All. I was diagnosed with RRMS 2-1/2 years ago. Started on Avonex initially but now on Plegridy. I have developed numbness from my waist doe to my knees. My MS Nurse thinks it might have been seeing a physio hat caused it but the physio only did an exam to see what was happening in my hips and shoulder due to pain I am having. Has anyone else experienced this. It is getting worse worrying me about my bladder and bowel now with this too.

Many thanks.

hi mermaid

the numbness sounds like good old ms to me but alas i’m not an ms nurse so my opinion is worth squat.

ask your GP for his or her opinion, maybe he or she will refer you back to neuro.

as for bowels and bladder (they are the very devil) see the bowel and bladder clinic they can really help.

you can self refer to the B & B clinic.

carole x


It sounds like an MS relapse to me too.

I’m obviously not a doctor or a nurse, this is an opinion only. But to me it sounds like your MS nurse doesn’t know what she’s talking about. As if having a physio exam could cause what sounds like straightforward neurological symptoms!!

You could try getting an opinion from your neurologist? See if you can get an email sent to his/her secretary and forwarded to the neurologist. Maybe an urgent appointment to see him/her, or if you make your email very detailed (ie with dates and exactly what it feels like) perhaps s/he will make a decision about what they think has caused this event.

Then if you want them, see if you can get your GP to prescribe some steroids (which the neuro might recommend). Unless that is, the numbness / relapse started a while ago. In which case it’s a matter of waiting it out.

And assuming your neurologist agrees that it’s a relapse, they might want to review your DMD. Perhaps you should be on something a bit more effective?

I imagine you are worrying about bowels and bladder because of this numbness. See what the neuro suggests, and as Carole said, you could either be referred,or self refer to continence services.



Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if it was a relapse. It is so difficult to label it as people define them differently. I will get a GP appointment and e-mail the neurologist. Thanks again

Hi Carole

Thank you for replying. I’ll get a GP appointment and e-mail the neurologist.

Yes, youre right, people do define symptoms & relapses differently. I wake every morning with numbness/tingling in my legs from my knees down and class this as a symptom, but at the beginning of December I had what I would class as a small relapse. New, but old symptoms from 12 years ago showing up. I had to have time off work and prescribed drugs to help. My ms nurse said relapse but the neuro said symptoms! Although he has booked me in for a mri on New Years Day! Good luck Sharon

What a nice way to see in the New Year!!!

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And now I wait for my results…