Numbness of throat and tongue, anyone else get this?

Hi all, was just wondering if anyone else gets this awful numbness in the throat and tongue, my tongue feels so strange and feel clumsy when I,m speaking but the throat is worse, I had before about 15 years ago and it lasted months and months can,t bear the thought of it lasting that long again, does anyone understand what I mean it,s so hard to describe.

the roof of my mouth has been numb since the end of last year and thats what got me my dx at the begining of march …have got used to it now and doesn’t seem to affect eating or speech but was weird to start with…


Thanks for the replies folks, it really is the most horrible feeling isn,t it? First time it happened all those years ago was actually worse than it,s been recently and i,m praying that it doesn,t get as bad again, along with the numbness i had a feeling of pressure on the front of my throat, felt like i was being strangled i found it really awful, when i mentioned it to Dr

he said probably stress, i knew it wasn,t but no point in arguing, i just got on with it until it went away of it,s own accord.

Once again thanks for the replies, it helps to read others experiences.