numb mouth driving me mad

Past few weeks I’ve been experiencing a numb tongue ,roof of mouth ,lip ,face and head all one side. Feels like I’ve been to dentist and had anaesthetic in my mouth ! Anyone else had this ?


yes-couldnt swallow so lost lots of weight. it did return-not fully-after 6 ish wqeeks. but we are all different!

am sure it will settle for you, take care, ellie

Yes, it coincided with left arm and leg numbness. It really does feel like a dentist anaesthetic, so weird! It wears off, I’ve just got small bits that are still numb on my face. It’s been about 3 weeks I think now.x

Hi, I’ve had the same a few years ago, that feeling that you’ve just had an injection at the dentist! It lasted for about 6 weeks overall although it did improve steadily during that time. I do see a homeopath and she gave me a remedy that helped. Hope it passes soon. Cheryl

Thanks everyone. I have hope now it will eventually fade . Will do the old diet the world,of good because I cant taste anything on that side . Always look for positive lol

Cheryl i may look into homeopath remedies.